5 Reasons Why Employees Love Working at Luna

By Luna
5 Reasons Why Employees Love Working at Luna

At Luna, we're dedicated to reimagining the physical therapy experience. When we started this company, we dug deep to analyze every facet to determine what was working, what wasn't, and how to improve it exponentially. But, of course, our team of dedicated team members is the main foundation of all this hard work. And while we believe that we've created a remarkable and gratifying work environment for them, please don't take our word for it. We've rounded up some recent compelling employee survey results and quotes to give you a behind-the-scenes look at what it means to be on team Luna. 

Overall, our employee survey results fit into five meaningful themes. Those are respectable values, freedom and autonomy, caring attitudes, the thrill of working for a thriving startup, and growth potential. So based on those, we're sharing why employees chose to work with Luna, why they continue to love working here, and why they can't imagine working for anyone else. 

Luna's respectable values

Luna's four core values are 1) Care exceptionally, 2) Incredibly relentless, 3) Make an impact, and 4) 1% better every day. Our employees have stated that they "...love the core values of the company" and "have a passion for the mission and vision of Luna." What's more, they admire that Luna actively invests in their development and growth. 

Luna encourages autonomy

Employees at Luna are rewarded with tremendous freedom and autonomy to get work done. For example, one employee said, "I can build my own department and I love to create things." Another shared, "I like that I can have an impact and bring on new talent every week." Others shared that "I love to create my own processes" and "I make a real contribution." Giving people autonomy creates a happier work environment that inspires creativity and higher productivity, making it a win-win for everyone.

Luna cares

The number one value Luna upholds is to "care exceptionally." Care goes into every facet of our work – from team members to therapists, to patients and their physicians, and everything in between. Employees specifically said they appreciate the caring culture at Luna. And when it comes to patients, our team emphatically believes in the high level of service our patients receive. They love "giving the best care to patients." To reinforce that, one employee stated, "I love that what we do helps people feel better." Another said they love "helping thousands of patients per month achieve better lives." In reviewing Luna's World-Class Net Promoter Scores, there's no doubt that Luna's patients are just as gratified. 

Luna is an exciting, thriving startup

Regardless of the position on our team, everyone agrees that working with a thriving, successful startup is an incredible experience. Luna is a fast-growing healthcare technology company – one with a top-notch technology platform that's second to none. Employees have pride in Luna's extraordinary success as a startup. One person stated, "I am allergic to companies that say this is how things have always been done," so they genuinely love being "a part of an innovative healthcare disruptor." Others stated that:

  • "Working here has activated every part of my brain."
  • "Luna has turned me into a startup junkie."
  • "This is a chance to be a part of a trail-blazing company that is something special and does something important."

There's excellent growth potential and benefits at Luna

Our employees enjoy being part of an exciting team that's changing healthcare for the better, but they also admire Luna's compensation and benefits programs. Healthcare, 401k, and paid holidays are just a few of the perks for our nonclinical roles. And what's more, there are excellent opportunities for career advancement. One employee shared that they value being part of a "winning team that is ambitious, supportive, joyful, passionate and thinks big."

If you're ready to join a winning team like ours, take a look at our open positions and apply today (physical therapists, please click here). You've got nothing to lose and so much to gain. One team member remarked, "Luna is an impressive company, and we all support each other well. Everyone at the company is amazing, helpful, and hard-working - it's been an incredible experience so far. I love it." 

We're looking forward to you loving it, too!