An Open Letter to Workers’ Compensation Payers

By Luna
An Open Letter to Workers’ Compensation Payers

Dear Workers’ Compensation Payers, 

We see you working tirelessly to improve care efficiency. Whether you’re a workers’ comp insurer, TPA, or a managed care network, your goal is to help your customers reduce claim costs, provide exceptional care for injured workers, improve claim outcomes, and get people back to work as quickly as possible. 

Now more than ever, workers need the protection of workers’ compensation. The work you do matters. We commend you.

At this point, you know that physical therapy is a necessary and valuable component of workers’ compensation care. Even with injury rates and frequency in the workplace on the decline, the percentage of claims with physical therapy involvement has steadily increased as more and more people in pain turn towards this highly effective and cost-efficient line of treatment. 

You’ve seen the numbers—between 2008 and 2015, the number of Medicare beneficiaries who received outpatient physical therapy increased from 3.96 million to nearly 6 million, and for good reason. Physical therapy brings undeniable value to the workers’ compensation community—the payers, the workers, and the employers they serve. Early physical therapy intervention can reduce healthcare costs by helping patients avoid expensive and unnecessary surgeries, reduce the risk of opioid addiction, and even reduce the risk of re-injury on the job. 

Physical therapy’s involvement in the workers’ compensation space is here to stay. But there’s a problem—the elephant in the room. Even though physical therapy is an important tool for getting injured workers back to health, it can drive up costs for payers when it’s not delivered efficiently.

To make the most of their physical therapy spend, payers of workers’ compensation need better, more cost-effective ways to bring physical therapy to patients. They need a way to deliver this highly effective form of care more efficiently in a way that meets the evolving needs of their patients. 

That’s where Luna comes in. 

Luna is an on-demand physical therapy solution that helps insurance companies, TPAs, managed care networks, and employers improve every aspect of the physical therapy experience. We’re challenging the traditional physical therapy model with a tech-enabled, in-person physical therapy solution that gets patients the care they need faster while improving access, compliance, adherence, and patient outcomes. 

This is not an attempt to convince you that home care works (although we’ve collected some pretty compelling data on the subject!) or even a plea to replace the care model you already have in place. Injured workers deserve to have the freedom to choose when and where they receive physical therapy care. Luna’s innovative care delivery model makes that a reality and helps you support the evolving consumer changes ahead. 

Think into the future. Five years from now, do you want your injured workers driving thirty minutes each way to a strip mall for impersonal physical therapy treatments? Or would you like the opportunity to offer them VIP physical therapy treatment delivered to their front door? Maybe ask them their opinion on the matter!

We all have the same goal—to deliver better care to patients, to help our customers meet their goals, and to get people back to work as quickly as possible. Reach out to Luna to explore how we can do it together. 


The Luna W/C Team