How At-Home PT Helps Patients Heal Faster

Want to feel better faster? At-home physical therapy makes it happen.
By Lily Beltran
How At-Home PT Helps Patients Heal Faster

In the good old days, doctors would make house calls, giving their patients on-the-spot, individualized care. Today, at-home physical therapy offers that same level of service and attention. When you choose to do physical therapy at home, you enjoy more time with your PT, receive more personalized treatment, and are more likely to complete your course of care—all of which speed healing.

One Luna client recently said, “I feel like an elite athlete with my own dedicated PT. And, in my experience, having my PT come to my house gets me healed more quickly. Plus, my Luna therapist just really cares about my results.”

Get More Time With Your PT

Physical therapy sessions take about 45 to 55 minutes—and you want to make every moment count. In a regular clinic, you may only spend 15 to 20 minutes with a licensed physical therapist before being passed on to an aide. With at-home PT, your full appointment is with a board-certified physical therapist dedicated to your care.

That means that Luna therapists spend up to 4x more time with each patient than in a traditional clinic. Each appointment is 100% focused on you and your care plan, so you can better participate in your treatment and feel well, faster.

Personalized Treatment

Your treatment should be as individual as you are. Whether you spend time on a physical therapy treatment table, use resistance bands, lift weights--or any other equipment—at-home PT ensures you get the right course of treatment for your needs. You’re more likely to feel comfortable in your own home, making it easier to discuss and address your needs. The result is a level of personalized care targeted toward helping you heal more quickly.

Access to the Right Specialists

At-home PT gives you access to board-certified physical therapists specializing in orthopedics, neurology, geriatrics, vestibular, and post-operative care. They often have experience in a wide variety of care settings, from world-class hospitals to independent practices focused on sports medicine and physical therapy.

For example, Luna’s highly experienced PTs treat a wide variety of conditions, including:

Physical Therapy in the Context Of Your Life

Were you hurt on the job? Have a sports injury? Battling osteoarthritis? Whatever the circumstances that led you to need physical therapy, your treatment plan should be tailored to get you back to work, back in the game, or simply back to life as quickly and easily as possible. 

Often, that may mean the difference between occupational therapy (OT) and physical therapy. According to the American Occupational Therapy Association, OT includes customized interventions that improve your ability to perform daily tasks and reach your goals—whatever those may be. PT, on the other hand, offers treatment that promotes your ability to move, lessens pain, restores function, and prevents disability--according to the American Physical Therapy Association. At-home or at-the-office PT gives you the flexibility to receive the type of treatment that works best.

Patient Compliance

Complete physical therapy encompasses more than a PT visit. It’s about how well you follow through on your treatment plan between visits. One study found that only 24% of participants actually completed their exercise programs with “full adherence”—what is known as home exercise program (HEP) compliance. With at-home PT, your exercise program is specifically designed for the equipment you already have and the environment in which you live or work. It’s much easier and more convenient to stick with your program, so you will heal better and in a shorter timeframe.

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