Luna Makes Paperwork a Relic of the Past

Introducing Auto-Charting by Luna
By Lily Beltran
Luna Makes Paperwork a Relic of the Past

It’s no secret that physical therapists want to spend time with patients — not paperwork. That’s why we are so excited to announce the launch of Luna's Auto-Charting(R), an industry first that will eliminate paperwork for therapists. It’s a simple, speedy way to create precise, actionable charts right from your phone.

Imagine taking care of charting between #physicaltherapy patient appointments without lifting a finger. #Luna just made it possible!

All the magic happens in the Luna Therapist app. As soon as you finish a session with a patient, you’ll be prompted to place a quick phone call. Our friendly automated service will ask you 5-10 targeted questions that match your treatment workflow. You simply answer those questions live over the phone, and Luna will automatically create your digital patient chart for review and approval. Luna therapists are empowered to reject charts that are not 100% accurate and see an entire charting history for their patients.

Say “Good Bye” to Manual Documentation

You already know and love things like Alexa, Google Voice, and Siri—all innovative technologies designed to make your life easier. Now, there is Luna Auto-Charting to make your life as a physical therapist easier. The technology will easily save you 15-20 minutes of documentation per patient visit. Imagine what you could do with all that free time!

Do you want to stop  wasting time on paperwork or documentation again? Learn more about how Luna can work for you.

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