Can Physical Therapy Be Delivered at Home? Yes!

By Luna
Can Physical Therapy Be Delivered at Home? Yes!

Managing your pain can be tough, and we understand better than anyone that it can be challenging to visit the clinic as often as you should to get the care you need. If you could complete your entire physical therapy treatment at home, why wouldn’t you?

So can physical therapy really be done at home?

In a word, yes! And to top it off, your Luna PT will be delivered right to your door for the most convenient and safe way to get treatment. If you’re recovering from a health-related issue, at-home physical therapy might be exactly what you’re looking for, and it’s easier than you think.

How much does at-home physical therapy cost?

With at-home PT, patients receive one-on-one care in the comfort of their own home, gym, or office. Our therapists have the right tools to deliver more effective care to the patient without the challenges and constraints of visiting a clinic.

How much does at-home physical therapy cost?

The cost of at-home physical therapy will vary depending on your insurance benefits. The good news is: Luna accepts all major insurance companies including Medicare and most of the commercial payers in Arizona, California, Illinois, Michigan, Texas, and Washington State (and more states on the way!). Our Concierge team can quickly verify your benefits when you call. You will never pay more for having the service delivered, Luna costs the same as any outpatient clinic and just your regular co-pay (no delivery fees!).

Medicare covers at-home physical therapy, too!

Luna works closely with Medicare and other insurance agencies to offer our patients in-network physical therapy. Most of these insurance plans will cover medically necessary PT services. Medicare, for example, will actually cover a majority of the costs of your therapy sessions — which with Luna, includes getting treatment right in your home! In 2020, Medicare covers 80% of outpatient PT. You would be responsible for the remaining 20%, so you can expect your co-pay to be around $20 or so per visit with a Medicare policy. Additionally, if you have Medicare with a secondary insurance, your second policy will foot the bill for the remaining 20% and you pay absolutely nothing out of pocket.

Make sure you’re getting the most from your insurance coverage and receiving the right physical therapy care that will give you the best results on your road to recovery.

Benefits of at-home physical therapy for all patients

At-home physical therapy is making it easier for patients to receive care and, amidst the pandemic, is offering a safer, stress-free environment to complete their prescribed care plan. Here are some benefits our patients are seeing from home-based PT:

  • Convenient and accessible treatment
  • Receiving 45-55 minutes of 1:1 personalized care
  • No waitlist and no waiting rooms
  • Work with the same therapist every appointment
  • Easy to use and monitored mobile app
  • Receive care within 48 hours
  • Safe and stress-free setting; clinics are stressful with social distancing (especially now!)
  • Treatment is tailored to your home
  • Better adherence to the treatment plan

Luna is making great strides to bring physical therapy to you and is seeing more improvements and better patient outcomes. At-home PT is more accessible, convenient, and safer than ever before. Because physical therapy treatment is provided right in the home, you can rest easy and focus more of your attention on what really matters: healing.

Beginning your at-home physical therapy treatment couldn’t be easier. Start working towards reducing pain, restoring function, and improving mobility with one of Luna’s board-certified physical therapists today.