Easy Technology with Luna

Streamlining Physical Therapy Administrative Work
By Lily Beltran
Easy Technology with Luna

One of the foundational experiences for the development of Luna’s FIERCE model is based on solving a mutual problem. One problem discovered was that administrative work was occupying an unreasonable amount of time. Some of our therapists reported working on insurance paperwork after hours, which can drop your personal margins. In this last installment of the FIERCE article series, we’ll explain how easy technology has streamlined and improved the physical therapist’s work-life balance.

Rose, a Luna PT from the East Bay, shared, “Often times, I’d need to take my notes and paperwork home in order to finish up what I didn’t get to during the day. When you’re seeing 15 patients a day or working 8-9 full hours with patients, there isn’t the time needed to write up detailed notes or do various administrative paperwork.” Khanh Pham, Head of Therapist Network Development, explained that after an expansive survey, therapists needed the friction from paperwork reduced. As a result of feedback from therapists, Luna has streamlined the administrative process to be intuitive and efficient for our therapists.

At Luna, you don’t need to take your work home with you.

To respond to this need, Luna has created a mobile app experience that is intuitive, sleek, and agile. The backbone of Luna’s app is an innovative scheduling and matching feature; meaning it syncs the therapist’s expertise to the patients that will benefit from their care. While patients at traditional clinics must arrive 15 minutes before their appointments to complete intake forms, Luna’s app provides an all-digital intake process that is time efficient and elevates the user experience. Patients complete their forms when it’s convenient for them, before the therapist arrives. Therapists are empowered with information pertinent to the care of their patients well before they arrive to the appointment. Luna has messaging tools within the app, as well as detailed invoicing and seamless payout technology.  

Pete, a therapist from Palo Alto, describes the frustration of insurance reimbursement documentation and related administrative work. “I spent hours learning how the different data entry systems worked. I was worried about making errors. It was tedious. I didn’t really understand how large a part data entry and paperwork played in being a therapist when I was in school.” A convoluted process is made easy with a mobile experience that makes recording treatments simple on an iPad.

At Luna, we’ve planned for your safety with the Luna Safety Shield. Every visit to a patient is monitored for our therapist’s personal safety and tracked with the Luna app on their Luna tablet. This establishes a worry-free environment. Susan, a Luna therapist says, “It is so nice to know that my safety is top priority at Luna. Even though I’ve been a therapist for over 5 years, it’s comforting to know that Luna is tracking when I begin and leave an appointment.”

In most places, traffic can be a serious detriment to anyone trying to get around in a timely manner. Included in the app is an intuitive driving system that will map therapists to patients in your surrounding area. Therapists can be efficient with their time and create a patient load that works best.

After surveying hundreds of therapists, Luna has deployed the smartest, most user-friendly, and intuitive technology to bring a clean, easy, and simple app to our therapists.

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