Product Announcement: Heal Faster with Luna Exercises

Luna Exercises are therapist prescribed and monitored, and the app keeps you engaged
By Luna
Product Announcement: Heal Faster with Luna Exercises

To properly heal from an injury, it’s critical to complete the exercise program your physical therapist sets up for you. Yet 65% of patients fail to adhere to their home exercise program. In a study on this topic, researchers discovered three main reasons why patients failed to comply: (a) barriers that patients “perceive and encounter”, (b) the lack of positive feedback, and (c) a degree of helplessness.

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Even if your PT prescribes a custom program for you, chances are the method in which you receive the plan doesn’t promote adherence. For example:

  1. Archaic paper printouts. These are easily lost or accidentally thrown away. And if the directions are unclear, it’s hard to get immediate help from your PT.
  2. Generic exercise videos. Thanks to YouTube, you can better visualize the exercises that your PT prescribes. However, YouTube doesn’t help you track your progress. And the lack of positive feedback can lessen your motivation to stick with your program. 
  3. Emailed exercises through traditional PT web-based apps. Your exercise plan could easily get lost in the avalanche of messages or stuck in your junk folder. While these exercises may be configured to your needs, the ability to track your progress and report back your results in real-time to your therapist is simply not available.

Thanks to Luna, you can get better, faster.

Heal Faster with Luna Exercises

Luna is leading the evolution of treatment with therapist prescribed and monitored exercises tailored for you. Simply called “Luna Exercises”, this new feature in our robust app integrates best-in-class exercises into your overall care experience

Luna Physical Therapy Exercises Feedback

Your PT can give you feedback on your progress directly in the app!

With Exercises, your on-demand physical therapist will: 

  • Visit you at your preferred location for physical therapy on your schedule
  • Set up a prescribed exercise plan in the Luna app

Between visits, the app will:

  • Prompt and remind you to do the exercises
  • Record your workout progress along with pain feedback after you do the exercises

Your PT is able to monitor this data and can modify your plan either between visits or during your next visit to ensure you get better, faster.

Heal Your Inner Tree with Luna Exercises

With Exercises, you start your exercise program as a “seedling.” As you complete your exercises, the seedling grows into a healthy tree and produces fruit. (And if you don’t exercise, your tree wilts and loses leaves.)

Luna Physical Therapy Exercises Progress

Powerful visuals keep you on track and motivated.

The tree reminds you to stay on course by visually showing and tracking your progress. Watching the tree grow to illustrate your progress can be highly motivating!

Luna Leads the Way in On-Demand Physical Therapy Innovation

At Luna, we want patients to feel better faster, and that’s what Luna Exercises is all about. Patients love the ease of use and encouragement, and physicians love how it helps their patients experience less pain and recover more quickly. If you’re a patient seeking PT in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County, or Seattle, contact us and start healing with Luna on-demand physical therapy today.

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