Increased Earnings with Luna

Enabling Physical Therapists to Earn More
By Lily Beltran
Increased Earnings with Luna

There are very few things better than developing the ability to stand on your own two feet and being independent and self-sufficient. However, physical therapists are facing greater and costlier educational standards and their salaries are not matching the rigor. In FIERCE, we explained Luna’s revolutionary new working model. In our last article, we’ve outlined the advantages of using Luna to become a therapist independent of a clinic and the benefits of increasing your work flexibility to create an optimal work-life balance. In this article, we’ll suggest how increasing your earning potential can dramatically change your working life for the better.

Mike, a PT at Luna, describes trying to make living in the Bay Area while raising a family as a single father, “I was faced with some tough decisions at my last job. Sometimes, I had to choose missing milestones of my daughter’s life in order to stay at work for more money. That’s such a tough proposition to encounter. It’s expensive living in the Bay Area. I didn’t have another option really.”

Technology is changing the paradigm for how we live and work. Employee expectations have shifted due to the digitalization and ease by which we conduct our personal lives. It's not surprising that the same technological advantages and ease have emerged in the workplace. At Luna, we took this into consideration and designed a platform where therapists can be paid what they’re worth, which is frequently up to two times more than their standard hourly wage.

"Whether a physical therapist works in a full-time clinic and has a few private patients or they're a PT that contracts with clinics and has additional Per Diem jobs, access to technology solutions can be acutely helpful. They remove friction in securing supplemental income that can be immensely beneficial in high-cost areas.” Khanh Pham, Head of Therapist Network Development, says.

Furthermore, some physical therapists indicate they are drawn to Luna because it allows those interested in returning to work after maternity leave to rejoin the workforce at their own pace. In addition, Luna’s flexible schedule can help to keep therapists skills sharp, while making a compelling wage. Gaining independence and control over your earning potential can be a large source of empowerment for many of Luna’s therapists. At Luna, you can make as much money as you feel fit, giving you ultimate control over your work life. We feel this provides therapists with freedom that is unattainable at a standard practice.

While Luna provides unlimited earning potential, our therapists also have the flexibility to choose their own schedule. They can choose to work when and where they want. Whether they select 5 appointments a week for some supplemental income or full-time work with 25 appointments, Luna’s therapists are free to create the work-life balance that suits their lifestyle best. Vacations and time off are important to long term happiness. With Luna, it’s easy to take time off when our therapists want. Patients will be there when you get back!

Physical therapists deserve to be treated with the same level of care that they give their patients.

Luna provides the earning opportunities that make working for yourself a breeze. Focusing on what makes work great has enabled us to create a business that allows our therapists to flourish. Come see how it feels to have the working life you deserve.

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