How Physical Therapists Are Finding Freedom as Independent Contractors

By Lily Beltran
How Physical Therapists Are Finding Freedom as Independent Contractors

Work-life balance, living in harmony, pursuing an ideal lifestyle, living your best life—whatever you call it, people everywhere are searching for a better way to live and work. And while “ideal” can look different for every person, it’s typically pretty clear when your balance is off. Burnout, chronic stress, and insomnia are just a few signs that it might be time to change things up.

One way people are making it happen? Starting their own businesses as independent contractors. Here are a few ways Luna physical therapists are finding freedom and flexibility every day as independent contractors.

Freedom to Pursue Multiple Opportunities

Independent contractors are not limited to working with one company. The majority of Luna therapists work full-time or part-time positions on top of the work they do with Luna. Some work in traditional clinical roles or in hospitals, others work part-time jobs in different industries, others are pursuing multiple side gigs at once. This kind of supplemental income can be life-changing for PTs looking to pay off student debt, provide for their families, or afford sky-high rent (thank you, metropolitan cities).  

Of course, “opportunity” doesn’t always have to be financial. Maybe you’re hoping to start a new family this year. Independent contract work can be ideal for working moms who need flexibility in their PT position.

“As a busy mom of three young children, Luna is a dream ‘mom job’ that allows me to both work and make family a priority. I work only when the kids are in school, which means I never miss a performance, and they’re on time for soccer practice!” - Jennifer W., PT, DPT

Freedom to Be Their Own Boss

As an independent contractor, you are truly running your own business. You’re not tied to any one employer and you are in control of your work--and your time. That means you’re calling the shots and hold all the cards. This much independence can be daunting for people who are just starting out. With Luna, you’re not entirely on your own. You also have the support of a team dedicated to helping you succeed. We help you with billing, scheduling, documentation, insurance, and more.

“I’ve dabbled in independent work on the side to supplement my income, but it was always a pain dealing with insurance and such. I came across Luna a few months ago and realized it could give me the flexibility to pick up more patients in my area without having to deal with the administrative aspects of the work.” - Gillian H., DPT, MPH

Freedom to Pursue Happiness

Because of the flexibility that comes with independent contract work, you’ll have more time to pursue the things you love and the things that help you live a fuller life. Love to travel? Go for it! Hoping to spend more time with your family? You can! Never want to see clients before 10:00am? That’s your prerogative! Independent contract work provides the flexibility you need to pursue the things that make you happy. With Luna, you aren’t tied to any certain shifts. You set your own schedule and can work with as many (or as few) patients each week as you’d like.

“With Luna, I’m able to create a balance in my life and  follow things that give me pleasure and make me feel like a fulfilled person: fulfilling my hobbies, passions, and seeing my family. This helps with the quality of my patients’ lives too because I’ll come in refreshed and renewed every time.” - Elaine H., PT

Freedom to Work Your Way

Because insurance doesn’t always cover the costs associated with physical therapy, today’s physical therapy clinics are under a lot of pressure to make up for lost revenue. Most of the time, this means overbooking (and completely overwhelming) physical therapists. By the time PTs find us, many are at the end of their rope. They’re overworked and ready to set their own pace of work. Luna therapists get more than 50 minutes per visit with each patient to form strong relationships and see the true impact of their work.

“To be honest, I was really struggling. I was seeing too many patients per day, the pace was too quick, and I wasn’t getting the quality time with each patient that I’d hoped for. Dealing with health insurance wasn’t so great either. I would say I was burnt out, discouraged, and exhausted. I wish Luna existed sooner because I would have just done this from the start.” - Mika Toribara, DPT

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