Intermountain Healthcare: Successful Shift Towards At-Home and Value-Based Care

By Luna
Intermountain Healthcare: Successful Shift Towards At-Home and Value-Based Care

In the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, patients around the world were searching for new options for receiving healthcare services. With many seeking comfort and convenience, at-home care emerged as an appealing alternative to treatment in clinics and hospitals.

Based on an interview with Barb Jahn, COO of Intermountain Healthcare, providing services for patients at home “started to take off in many different ways for us within Intermountain Health, as Covid evolved. People were really wanting alternatives to going to a clinic and being able to be at home and receive care at home.” After holding several strategic planning meetings for moving forward, they “defined needs to expand the care-at-home strategy,” which is where Luna came into focus.

Now, looking to the future, at-home care models with Luna are poised to revolutionize the clinical landscape. With a focus on patient-first thinking, Luna's innovative platform offers a meaningful solution to receiving care that benefits both patients and practitioners alike.

Luna Bridges the Gap in Outpatient At-Home Care

With a patient-first approach to care, Intermountain Healthcare is ensuring that patients receive the best treatment possible, no matter where they are.

“Through our strategic planning process for extending care to the home, we identified physical therapy very early on as an opportunity. We had some buckets of expertise within the organization. We provided physical therapy at our clinic locations; we provided physical therapy at our hospital locations; we even provided physical therapy through our home health agency. However, we were having trouble bringing those areas of expertise together to develop a service that would appeal to a broader population.” — John Casey, VP of Strategy and Business Development.

That’s when they were introduced to Luna as a partner to help build upon these services. Luna’s platform provides a unique solution that brings together all levels of expertise, from physical therapy to innovative technology, to ensure that patients receive the highest level of care in the comfort of their own homes.

Goals and Growth

Rather than focusing on increasing revenue, Intermountain Healthcare is set on providing equal or better quality care at a reduced cost. Intermountain’s CEO, Rob Allen, stated, “If we keep patients healthy, we come out ahead, which is just fantastic. We are actively trying to grow our value-based contracts. We view the benefit of being in the home, both in the short-term and long-term, as the ability to reduce avoidable medical expenses.”

With a shared set of values, Luna and Intermountain Healthcare are putting the needs of the patient first and providing exceptional care that is accessible, convenient, and affordable. Together, they are creating a model for the future that is focused on growth, success, and most importantly, the patient.

The Future of Patient-Centered Care

Partnerships like this highlight the potential of at-home care models to expand coverage and provide greater accessibility to outpatient care. Patients can now receive the therapy services they need without the inconvenience of traveling to clinics or hospitals.

With an emphasis on technology and patient-centered care, this innovative approach has the potential to revolutionize healthcare as we know it. As more and more patients seek the convenience and comfort of at-home care, Luna's platform will continue to play a vital role in reimagining the future of healthcare.

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