Why Luna's Empowerment Pledge is More Than Talk

By Jennifer Cloer
Why Luna's Empowerment Pledge is More Than Talk

Empowerment, by definition, is the process of controlling one’s life through strength and confidence. That’s why Luna’s empowerment model stands out to me among others.

Inherent in its Empowerment Pledge is a respect for the individual. Like so many other careers, the role and opportunities for physical therapists (PTs) are evolving as new technologies come to market. No longer do therapists have to find a job at a clinic or hospital, commit to seeing more than 100 patients a week and work overtime just to finish their notes and documentation. There’s another way to work and Luna is bringing that to the PT community.

The physical therapy workforce is 75 percent female, so values like pay equality and flexibility are already baked into the company’s DNA. What Luna’s Empowerment Pledge really demonstrates is a commitment to everyone - women, men, LGBTQ, minorities, and people with disabilities, among others. Anyone can benefit from the inclusive environment that Luna has built for PTs and their patients.

And that’s because at the heart of Luna’s community is flexibility, safety, and independence. Instead of a hospital administrator telling PTs where to be and at what time, the therapists decide when they will work and Luna will fill that schedule for them. This empowers working moms and dads, professionals pursuing other academic degrees or even those who want to engage in a parallel career track in a totally different area.

If a physical therapist doesn’t check in or out on time, Luna staff will call to make sure they’re ok and take action.

And in a world that is increasingly dominated by free agents and entrepreneurs, the Luna model allows each person to dictate their work schedule, experience and earning potential. Everyone has different priorities in their personal and professional lives, and Luna’s empowerment model puts the power of choice and experience in the hands of the therapist.

By empowering a community of physical therapists to provide the best care to their patients on their own schedule, Luna is creating an inclusive environment that will result in a diverse workplace, an empowered community of therapists and the very best patient outcomes.