Navigating Change and Professional Shifts in Rehab Therapy: Insights from the 2023 WebPT Report

By Luna
Navigating Change and Professional Shifts in Rehab Therapy: Insights from the 2023 WebPT Report

Physical therapists play a huge role in rehabilitation and recovery in healthcare. However, recent data suggests that rehab therapy is experiencing a pivotal shift, with more therapists reassessing their careers.

Take a closer look as we dive into this recent 2023 WebPT report that sheds light on the challenges and motivations of therapy providers, offering a snapshot into the profession's current landscape.

Career Shifts and Changing Expectations in Rehab Therapy

Physical therapy is one of the most in-demand professions in the healthcare industry. While demand and outlook on employment are good for those newly entering the field, the profession ultimately has a high turnover rate.

“The demand for more growth opportunities and higher salaries is creating a whirlpool of uncertainty, leading many rehab therapy professionals to reassess their career choices.” — The State of Rehab Therapy 2023, WebPT

This whirlpool has led many seasoned professionals to pause and reevaluate their careers, exploring other opportunities for growth and advancement.

According to the report, a staggering 66.6% of therapy providers want a professional change, reflecting a desire for something more. Among those contemplating a career move, 21% are looking into non-clinical roles, while 15.5% may leave the healthcare sector altogether.

These statistics highlight a shifting dynamic and underscore the need to explore the motivations behind this change and what we can expect from the future of rehab therapy.

What to Expect from the Future of Rehab Therapy

Some of the roadblocks to job satisfaction are the result of both the physical and mental burden of rehab therapy. Top concerns about the future of physical therapy that may lead to a downward trend in overall satisfaction include:

  • Dwindling Insurance Reimbursements. Threatening the sustainability of private practices, salaries, and high-quality care.
  • Burnout. As a result of unrealistic productivity expectations brought on by a high patient load, long hours, and burdensome documentation and regulatory requirements.
  • Lower Salaries. Declining reimbursement rates and shrinking profit margins lead to lower salaries and lessened compensation opportunities.

In order to promote the long-term stability of the profession, employers must take a step back and recognize the true needs of their rehab employees.

Addressing the Motivations for Change in Rehab Therapy

The report uncovers several reasons behind this widespread urge for professional change, of which burnout remains a big concern and cause for those looking to change. Thirty-one percent cite this as their primary motivation.

“They want more career growth opportunities [29.1%], higher salaries [28%], and to work for a company that upholds the same core values as their own [27.9%].” — The State of Rehab Therapy 2023, WebPT

From the report, it’s clear that modern clinicians are even more concerned with finding work that aligns with their personal values and goals. Not meeting these driving factors ultimately leads to overall employee dissatisfaction and burnout.

In this context, Luna offers a way for physical therapists to regain control of their careers through equitable compensation, flexible work schedules, reduced administrative burden, and autonomy. Our in-home outpatient care model provides more independence to therapists and aims to lessen high attrition rates while ensuring patients receive consistent, high-quality care.

Take the First Step Towards a Brighter Future

By addressing these challenges and championing their values, therapists can be the driving force behind definitive positive developments in the world of rehab therapy.

Luna stands as a powerful ally for those facing the challenges of declining reimbursement rates and the looming threat of burnout —providing better salary opportunities and alignment with the growing need for work-life balance.

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