Real Therapists Love On-Demand PT

Learn why physical therapists love the Luna platform
By Luna
Real Therapists Love On-Demand PT

Luna has become a better, safer way to treat patients in their homes with on-demand physical therapy -- and our therapists love it! With Luna, PTs have the flexibility to make their own schedule and the time to focus more on their patients, working with them through their entire course of care. We’re dedicated to reimagining the entire physical therapy experience to offer patients easier access to care and faster healing.

Although offering our physical therapists access to better technology, flexibility, and autonomy sounds great, we wanted to dig a little deeper to share what real PTs are saying about Luna.

Offering a safe solution for care

Even before the coronavirus hit, there has been a need for another solution to patient care. And today, while we are still in the midst of a pandemic, many people are still uncomfortable returning to a clinic setting where they will likely encounter crowded waiting rooms. Luna provides the opportunity to work with patients in a more engaging, one-on-one environment that makes them feel comfortable. We turned to Michael Swienton, a therapist on our team in the Bay Area to hear some of his thoughts.

“In March 2020, everything hit the fan with COVID. Luna was [my] first insight into, ‘Maybe I can do something different?’ So I started with Luna, and ever since then, I haven’t wanted to revert back to normal clinical care. Being at home certainly has brought a lot more positivity rather than hurdles. The biggest positive for Luna right now is that being at home is super important. Patients don’t want to go to clinics with it being so crowded.”

Melissa Thomas, a Luna PT from Seattle, also shares that “patients are so grateful to not have to go to a big busy clinic and saves them so much time not to have to go to a clinic.”

Seamless and flexible schedules

Luna’s platform provides our therapists with ways to manage their own schedules without the limitations they can encounter in a typical nine to five setting. Our PTs have the unique ability to own their own schedule, giving them more time to focus on their patients and creating an ideal work-life balance.

Charles Benandi, a PT in LA who has been with Luna for 18 months, says, “When COVID took full force, I made the transition to Luna 100%.”

“Find a schedule that works with you, because you can work anywhere from 6:30 am to 9:30 pm. I think that's the best thing about growing your schedule with Luna. You're not stuck doing one thing all the time, you always change, you can always adapt, you can always grow. Add more, take more away, and take vacations when you want. I think all that is keeping me as happy as I can possibly be treating patients.”

Not only do our therapists benefit from having more flexibility, but their patients do as well. Patients don’t feel rushed or stressed about arriving for their appointment on time, and can instead begin their treatment in a much calmer headspace. This helps to create a much more positive patient experience, leading to better patient outcomes. 

If you’re interested in providing personalized care with Luna and joining our growing network of therapists, get in touch with our team today! Whether you’re looking for a full schedule or are thinking of supplementing your clinic hours, Luna can work for you.