Revolutionizing Musculoskeletal Care: Luna and HOPCo Partnership

By Luna
Revolutionizing Musculoskeletal Care: Luna and HOPCo Partnership

We are excited to announce that we have teamed up with Healthcare Outcomes Performance (HOPCo), a top provider of orthopedic value-based care. Together, we're working to improve patient outcomes, cost savings, and convenience, improving access to better patient care.

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As a leader in outpatient physical therapy, Luna’s unique service bridges the gap for the on-demand needs of alternative healthcare models with a forward-thinking approach that resonates with HOPCo's mission, elevating musculoskeletal care and rehabilitation.

In a recent interview, Wael Barsoum, MD, President of HOPCo, shared, “The partnership was a very natural partnership between what we are doing as being a value-based care musculoskeletal management organization and Luna, which has taken part of that continuum of care and really brought it to another level when it comes to value.”

Together, we are able to provide patients with unparalleled value as they embrace technology and patient-centricity as core pillars of their partnership.

A Powerful Synergy Toward Value-Based Care

HOPCo, driven by providing unmatched value for patients and healthcare organizations, believes that access to care should never come at the cost of quality of care, and this shared vision is the foundation of the partnership with Luna.

According to Dr. Barsoum, “We’re always looking to focus on making sure patients have the very highest quality of care for the lowest cost. This is aligned with moving toward more value-based care initiatives around the country, which are consistent with our national goals around reducing the cost of care but at the same time ensuring the quality never suffers.”

Through this seamless integration, we are not only meeting the demands of patients but also ensuring that the highest quality of care is never compromised. The partnership brings together the expertise and experience of both organizations, resulting in a unique and powerful synergy that sets new standards in musculoskeletal and therapeutic care.

“When we started doing further diligence into the potential synergy and partnership, it just made a lot of sense to come together and make that part of the service offering that we provide for patients.” — Ozzie Delgado, COO.

The Rising Demand for Convenience in Healthcare

Convenience plays a vital role in patient satisfaction, and Luna's user-friendly platform addresses this need. One of the significant challenges patients face is the time dedication required for therapy sessions, and we’re solving this problem by bringing therapy directly to the patient's home.

As Dr. Barsoum affirms, “It isn’t enough to just be a great healthcare provider. You have to [also] be surrounded by an infrastructure that is convenient for patients and allows them to be connected to their providers.”

Luna's digital delivery of care ensures that patients can effortlessly connect with their providers, making the entire experience more accessible and engaging. The innovative platform offers a range of user-friendly attributes that align seamlessly with HOPCo's desire to provide convenient, accessible care.

Mr. Delgado states, “Therapy is a very important part in the recovery of patients and in the treatment of the respective musculoskeletal issues.” Just like Luna, HOPCo understands that sometimes patients cannot seek the care they need because of their circumstantial limitations. “So having a platform that has the ability to still meet those needs drives the outcomes that we are seeking to accomplish.”

Commitment to Positive Outcomes and Best-in-Class Care

Clinical integration between Luna and HOPCo has been a resounding success. By developing protocols collaboratively, our partnership ensures that every patient receives the best-in-class care. This partnership serves as a testament to the power of collaboration and the limitless potential of providing exceptional care to patients in need.

With a shared vision and commitment to innovation, we are paving the way for a future where exceptional care is accessible, affordable, and patient-centric.