Side Hustles Reign Supreme: The New Norm in Physical Therapy

By Luna
Side Hustles Reign Supreme: The New Norm in Physical Therapy

The side hustle liberates the modern-day workforce in a world where the remote workplace grew overnight, the gig economy is booming, and entrepreneurship is synonymous with financial freedom.

In 2022, side hustles grew exponentially into highly profitable streams of income. According to U.S. Census data, business formation surged by 42% despite the circumstances surrounding the pandemic. It’s not hard to believe that the growing pool of gig workers and solopreneurs crave the flexibility, autonomy, and economic control of a side hustle.

As a physical therapist, the daily grind of traditional care without the right mindset and opportunity for personal growth is a recipe for burnout. Whether you’re looking to supplement your income, shift away from working in a clinic, or restore your passion for physical therapy, Luna is here to help reimagine what’s possible.

This is the time to ditch the nine-to-five and take control of your career.

The Reigning Gig Economy

More than one in three Americans have a side hustle, and with an unpredictable economy, more people are working multiple jobs to secure their income. The rise of the gig economy – which gained significant traction in 2009 – created opportunity out of a recession.

After recent economic disruptions, downsizing and lay-offs led many to get a taste of the gig economy and ditch traditional jobs out of necessity, not by choice. Remote and flexible work schedules are now becoming more attractive as the workforce continues to favor the gig economy for stability.

A FIERCE Side Hustle

Luna has made it possible for physical therapists to take their skills and turn them into additional sources of income outside of the clinic through a side hustle of their own. You’re in control of defining what success looks like to you. Although not all Luna therapists ditch their day job, Luna can certainly become more than a side gig.

Here’s how we are redefining the physical therapy journey with our FIERCE model:

  • Flexibility
  • Independence
  • Earning potential
  • Research-driven
  • Community
  • Easy technology

Enjoy the economic freedom of supplementing your income while cultivating personal growth and entrepreneurship, and engage positively with your patients. Luna empowers therapists to focus on their lifestyle, family, and the things they love most.

Diversify Your Income With Luna

Many side hustles have their own set of challenges to consider. If you are looking to open a private practice, you have initial costs and overhead to think about. Marketing yourself, building up your reputation, hiring internally – all of which need systems in place to plan for future stability. 

Creating a side hustle isn’t always easy, but Luna simplifies the process with technology and convenience, resulting in even more stability within the confines of owning your own business. With Luna, you have the potential to make as much as you want without the hurdles and red tape of owning a brick-and-mortar clinic.

If you’re looking for a fulfilling career or want to explore a new side hustle, contact us to learn how Luna is becoming the new norm for physical therapists across the country.

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