Why PT Should Come to You

Four Benefits to Physical Therapy “On-Demand”
By Lily Beltran
Why PT Should Come to You

We’re entering into an amazing time for personal health because it's an era where you can have your favorite clinician visiting you on-demand. Gone are the days of waiting in a crowded office, excessive wait times to get to see your therapist, or a too-busy clinician that doesn’t have the time to listen to your needs. Now you can have your therapist come to your home!

Put convenience first, without sacrificing exceptional and quality care.


#1: Ultimate Convenience

Carving out the time to see a physical therapist can be challenging. Appointments are often scheduled weeks away and, as a result, are scheduled during inconvenient times during the day. They require time off work, time away from school, or perhaps even finding someone to drive you. To compound the issue, it’s not just one appointment. You may need to make significant changes to your schedule to accomodate 10+ sessions. A full course of much-needed treatment may be close to impossible when so much of your life needs to be rearranged.

We’ve already witnessed the rise of ride-hailing apps, food delivery services, and on-demand pet-sitting. The healthcare space is moving this way, too! Palak Shah, a physical therapist at Luna, details how getting on-demand physical therapy can help you treat the root cause of your pain. “What’s great about what we do is our ability to treat the root cause of pain and discomfort, all while being covered by insurance, unlike some concierge physicians, massage therapists, or personal trainers.”  At Luna, we know your time and health are precious so we've created a service that comes to you when you need it most. You’ll find our services make better use of your time, with less driving, while still being matched with exceptional physical therapists.

#2: Easier Treatments

When you’re in a new environment and pressed for time, it can be challenging to remember your treatment course. Treatments in a familiar environment can help you remain consistent with your treatment plan. Luna’s therapists are able to design and customize exercises based on a patient's environment. They can make equipment recommendations for a patient to use and assess potential barriers. Each patient is unique with different requirements, goals, and homes. When a physical therapist comes to you in an environment that familiar,  it’s a win-win situation. Patients receive the added benefit of being in a familiar environment with a physical therapist that can customize a program suited uniquely to their needs.

#3: Better Relationships

It’s easy to be apprehensive or nervous when meeting with a new physical therapist. It's important to find a clinician who prioritizes your health and understands your needs. By spending time in your home, our therapists are able to get a better sense of who you are, see your obstacles, and asses your opportunities. We build solid relationships over your treatment course in order to enhance your health.

At Luna, our therapists spend 4 times longer with their patients than the national average, often spending up to 50 minutes per treatment session. You'll be delighted by the quality relationships you can develop with our therapists when your needs are put first. Enjoy the benefits of building better relationships with clinicians who have your best interest in mind.

#4: Better Outcomes

Statistics show that 70% of treatment plans go unfinished. This means there’s a good probability that ultimately your treatment will not go the way it should and you may not receive the results you want. This reason alone was enough for Luna to reshape the current state of physical therapy by providing convenience, easy treatments that come to you, and the ability to build stronger relationships with your physical therapist. This will allow you to get the results you’re looking for out of your physical therapy treatments.  By using Luna, you are putting your recovery success at the forefront, and making a strong push to receive the healing you need.

With Luna, your needs are precisely matched with highly-trained PTs with expertise in specific fields that will enhance your recovery experience. We provide immediate, convenient, and exceptional care that will ensure your physical therapy treatment is unlike anything you’ve ever received.

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