3 Tips to Ease Pain from Tennis Elbow for a Better Night Sleep

By Luna
3 Tips to Ease Pain from Tennis Elbow for a Better Night Sleep

A good night's sleep can do wonders for the mind and body, but tennis elbow can be incredibly disruptive to your ability to sleep soundly and get the restful sleep your body needs to heal. According to a recent clinical study, a patient’s condition could be aggravated and made worse based on extra stress to the elbow from poor sleep and a lack of support at night.

Luckily, there are a few simple ways to rest and recover even when suffering from tennis elbow. Here are a few of our tips on how to sleep with tennis elbow to ease pain and heal:

Tip 1: Use Heat Therapy to Reduce Pain and Promote Relaxation

When it comes to tennis elbow pain, applying heat to the affected area can help stimulate circulation and promote relaxation, leading to a better night's sleep. 

You can use a heating pad, a hot water bottle, or a warm towel to apply heat. Place the heat source on your elbow for 15-20 minutes before bed to ease pain and feel more relaxed and ready for sleep.

Tip 2: Support Your Elbow With Pillows for Better Alignment

If you're experiencing tennis elbow pain at night, using a pillow for support can make a big difference in your sleep quality. Finding the right pillow support for your elbow helps alleviate pressure in areas that may be causing pain.

If you sleep on your side, try placing a pillow between your arm and your body to keep your elbow in a neutral position. If you sleep on your back, try placing a pillow under your affected arm to keep it elevated and supported. Alternatively, placing a towel under the elbow can provide relief as well.

Tip 3: Sleep on Your Back to Relieve Pressure

If you're a side sleeper, sleeping on your back may take some time to get used to, but it can do wonders for easing your tennis elbow pain at night. Sleeping on your back with your affected arm off to the side prevents further irritation around the elbow.

If you find it challenging to stay on your back throughout the night, try using a body pillow to help keep you in place and provide extra support.

Benefits of Restful Sleep

Encouraging a good night’s sleep is important for keeping your muscles and joints in good shape. Regular sleep patterns and restful sleep offers many benefits when healing from tennis elbow, including:

  • Improved strength and joint mobility

  • Reduced pain and inflammation

  • Increased energy and focus

  • Better muscle and joint support

  • Faster healing time

Sleep Better With Luna

With all those benefits to keep in mind, it’s important to give yourself the opportunity to sleep well. Tennis elbow pain can be frustrating, especially when it interferes with your ability to get a good night's sleep. Fortunately, by using these tips on how to sleep with tennis elbow to ease pain, you can find relief and get the restful sleep you need to feel your best.

Effective treatment should always be the first step for healing and better sleep with tennis elbow. A physical therapist can provide targeted exercises and techniques to help strengthen and heal your elbow faster. By taking a comprehensive approach to your tennis elbow pain, you can speed up your recovery and get back to enjoying restful nights of sleep.

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