5 Reasons to Book On-Demand Physical Therapy with Luna

By Luna
5 Reasons to Book On-Demand Physical Therapy with Luna

Looking for physical therapy treatment? Whether you need to heal your pain, recover from an injury or surgery, or improve overall physical function, physical therapy can help treat a wide range of conditions. And maybe we’re a bit biased, but we believe that Luna is delivering the most convenient and effective physical therapy service on the market. 

Perhaps you have a number of PT service providers to choose from. So, why should you book on-demand physical therapy services with Luna? 

Because you want results

Luna helps patients heal faster. Rather than sitting on a waitlist or in a waiting room, Luna brings physical therapy to your front door within 48 hours. We match you with a licensed physical therapist specialized in treating your specific condition to deliver PT on your schedule. Through a unique combination of in-person delivery, virtual televists, and in-app exercises, Luna empowers patients to stick with their treatment plans and get results. In fact, Luna patients experience a 50% higher adherence rate compared to those going into traditional clinics. 

Because we come to you

At Luna, we believe every patient deserves to get the care they need (when and where they need it!) That’s why we deliver physical therapy on-demand. There are many types of patients who find it beneficial to receive care at home. Maybe you have kids and it’s a challenge to get out of the house. Or, maybe your work schedule is demanding, and you need PT care outside of normal business hours. Whatever the reason, Luna brings physical therapy to you and eliminates the hassle of traveling to and from a clinic. 

Because it’s safe 

If you’ve been delaying your physical therapy treatment due to the pandemic, we totally understand. As things are starting to get back to normal, it’s a good time to start some treatment, especially from the safety of your home. With physical therapy delivered on-demand, you can avoid public places like hospitals and clinics as well as shared surfaces and equipment. Luna therapists practice strict adherence to COVID-19 infection control best practices and utilize tech to stay connected to patients from afar. Learn more about what we’re doing to enhance the safety of Luna patients and therapists

Because you’re covered

Too many patients put off their care due to coverage concerns and confusion. Luna eliminates the headache by verifying benefits prior to your first visit. It takes 30 seconds or less. You can check your coverage online or call (833) 444-LUNA. Luna accepts many insurances, including PPOs, Medicare, and Workers’ Compensation (in some states), as payment methods for care. 

Because you deserve an incredible experience

If you’ve made the decision to get started with PT, the rest should be easy. If you’ve pursued traditional physical therapy in the past, you know that’s not always the case. At a typical PT clinic, you might sit on a waitlist for a month, make the drive to a clinic, and sit in a waiting room only to receive less than 20 minutes with a therapist whose attention is split between you and three other patients. You deserve better!

Luna is challenging the status quo of physical therapy. Every session with Luna includes 45-55 minutes of undivided attention from your therapist. As part of our service, therapists prescribe exercises with the Luna app, and monitor your progress. This keeps you on track and motivated between sessions. If you have any questions or need help, the app makes it easy to communicate directly with your therapist anytime. 

From start to finish, Luna is reimagining the physical therapy experience to help patients feel better faster. Ready to get started? Book on-demand physical therapy with Luna today.