An Open Letter to Digital-Only Solutions Providers

By Luna
An Open Letter to Digital-Only Solutions Providers

Dear digital-only solutions providers, 

We see you innovating in the world of MSK care delivery. You’re serving leading employers and health plans with excellence, delivering clinically proven outcomes, and making care more accessible to patients. You’re breaking barriers, reducing surgical and therapy costs, and freeing people from pain. We commend you. 

You do it because you know what’s at stake—more than 50% of Americans are suffering from musculoskeletal (MSK) disorders that are costing them (and their employers) $980 billion a year. This is vitally important work, and we are in awe of your dedication to your customers, your patients, and the entire industry. 

But we know your secret—the one that’s keeping you up at night. 

There are limitations to a digital-only approach to therapy, and some of your patients and customers are suffering the consequences. We’ve spoken to leaders in your industry, and here’s what we hear over and over again:

  • Up to half of all patients that start a digital program end up going to an in-person clinic
  • A material percentage of users enrolled in a digital program don’t start care
  • Some patients plateau in their recovery using a digital-only approach to healing 

There is a time and place for these incredible digital products. But they don’t eliminate the need for in-person care. Some patients need that extra layer of in-person support. So, now what? What’s next? How can you help the patients who aren’t getting better with a digital-only approach and need a more complete solution? 

Enter Luna. We partner with leading digital-only solutions companies to get patients the care they need through in-person PT delivery. Using our APIs and technology integrations, we tailor seamless experiences for digital companies and their customers. We can complement your existing solution and make it work for more people, by personalizing care for your patients with at-home visits for the patients that need in-person care.

Here’s what we propose—let’s strike “digital-only” from our MSK vocabulary and adopt a “digital-first” approach instead. This hybrid model of care that combines the convenience and accessibility of digital with the humanity and necessity of in-person care is best for patients and their employers. (We’ve actually done our research on this!)

When you partner with Luna, you gain access to an extensive network of licensed physical therapists ready to treat patients at home via in-person delivery and prescribed in-app exercises. Some have likened Luna to the ‘DoorDash of physical therapy’ for the way we pair in-person PT delivery with highly integrated digital experiences. 

We love digital and believe it’s a crucial strategy for reducing the cost of care, increasing access, and ensuring better adherence and results. But for some patients, it’s simply not enough. 

Our prediction? Over the next few months and years, these digital products are going to start to reveal these limitations. Soon, it will be time to consider partnerships that can help you bring more of a human touch (literally!) to patients.

So, to all of the digital-only solutions companies out there—continue doing your good work. Use your groundbreaking digital solutions to get more patients the care they need and deserve. We’ll be here cheering you on. And if you need a partner to complete your physical therapy solution, Luna is ready. 

We all have the same goal—to deliver better care to patients, to help our customers meet their goals, and to move the industry into the future. Reach out to Luna to explore how we can do it together. 


The Luna Team