Does Insurance Cover My Physical Therapy? Now You Can Find Out Instantly!

By Luna
Does Insurance Cover My Physical Therapy? Now You Can Find Out Instantly!

At Luna we’re redefining and improving every aspect of the physical therapy experience - including demystifying your health insurance coverage. Our free online benefit verification service instantly shows your coverage, including your co-pay amount, the number of allowable visits, and more.

A question we hear most often at Luna is, “How do I know if my insurance covers physical therapy?” It’s understandable, considering the substantial confusion around health insurance today. But Luna offers a simple way to get the information you need -- instantly and online. We’re all about leveraging technology to redefine and improve every aspect of the physical therapy experience -- and that includes demystifying your health insurance coverage. With Luna, not only is it easy to schedule and receive physical therapy at home, you can now instantly verify if your insurance covers your physical therapy

We are the industry’s first provider to offer this capability! If you’re ready to see your specific health insurance coverage, here’s how to do it.

Where do I go online to see if my health insurance covers physical therapy?

To see your specific insurance coverage, go to and enter your information online.

Does it cost anything to use Luna’s online benefit verification tool?

No, it is free -- anyone can use the online tool to determine if their health insurance covers their physical therapy. 

What information is required to verify my insurance coverage online?

There are only six pieces of information that you’re required to enter. They include:  

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Zip Code
  • Date of Birth
  • Insurance Member ID (card number)
  • Insurance Payer

We also ask for your Insurance Group Number, but it’s not a requirement for verification.

I’m concerned about my privacy and sharing my personal information.

At Luna, we take your privacy seriously and keep your information completely confidential. We never share your information with third parties. 

How long will it take to verify my insurance coverage for physical therapy online?

The entire process takes no more than 30 seconds to verify and provide you with your specific physical therapy insurance benefits.

What commercial insurances does Luna accept?

We accept insurance from all the major insurance carriers, including Aetna, Anthem/BlueCross, BlueShield, Humana, Cigna, United Healthcare, and many, many more.

Does Luna accept Medicare?

Yes! In fact, most Medicare plans with secondary insurance will cover the entire cost of your physical therapy. That means you’ll pay $0 per visit. 

Will I have to pay a co-pay for my physical therapy?

It depends on your insurance, but your co-pay with Luna is precisely the same as what your co-pay would be to visit a typical physical therapy clinic. 

How much will my co-payment be per physical therapy visit?

Once you enter your information in Luna’s benefits verification tool, you’ll instantly find out exactly how much your co-pay will be. 

How many physical therapy visits does my insurance allow?

Entering your information on Luna’s benefits verification tool not only shows your co-pay amount it also shows you the number of authorized visits your insurance provider allows. 

I have more questions regarding my insurance coverage for physical therapy. Who can help me? 

Our Concierge team of friendly insurance experts would be happy to help you. For any questions regarding your specific insurance benefits and coverages, feel free to call us at 866-806-3599

At Luna, we’re committed to bringing you meaningful relief, not only in the form of physical therapy but by relieving your PT health insurance headaches too. If you’re ready for a better way to get well, then you’re ready for Luna. We look forward to helping and healing you soon.