3 Ways Luna Helps Physical Therapists Reimagine Their Career

By Luna
3 Ways Luna Helps Physical Therapists Reimagine Their Career

Luna is an on-demand physician therapy company that’s reimagining the physical therapy experience for patients and the therapists who serve them. More and more physical therapists across the country are choosing to work with Luna. Today, we want to show you three reasons why. 

Here are just a few of the key ways Luna can help you reimagine your career as a physical therapist. 

Imagine Work Fitting Into Your Schedule, Not the Other Way Around

Imagine having the flexibility to work with the patients you want when you want. Luna’s technology matches therapists with highly motivated and engaged patients based on speciality, location, and availability. 

Working with Luna offers a flexible earning opportunity for therapists looking to supplement their standing clinical hours or replace them entirely. Rather than traditional orthopedic clinics that expect you to squeeze as many patients as possible into your workday, Luna naturally caps your max number of appointments to five to seven visits a day. 

Want to take a break for a few weeks? Only want to work with Luna on Mondays and Wednesdays? Need to cap the number of patients you see in a week for your mental health? We support you!

Luna works for you on your schedule. 

Luna’s smart calendar feature makes managing your schedule simple. Not only does it know when you’re available and when patients have been added to your calendar, but also factors in drive times (most Luna therapists travel 12 minutes on average) and 45-55 minutes of uninterrupted appointment time. This gives therapists plenty of quality time with patients to make an impact and steer them towards a full recovery.  

Imagine Saying ‘Goodbye’ to Manual Documentation Forever

You deserve work-life balance, and life is too short for work that is crushing to your soul. If paperwork is cutting into your time with family, friends, pets, and hobbies, Luna has the answer. Luna Auto-Charting eliminates manual documentation, giving therapists more time to focus on taking care of their patients (and, just as important, themselves!). This industry-first helps therapists save 15-20 minutes of documentation per patient visit. 

As soon as you finish a session with a patient, the Luna app will prompt you to place a quick phone call to answer 5-10 questions that match your treatment workflow. Speak your answers into the phone, and Luna will create your patient chart digitally for your review. 

According to Luna therapists, Auto-Charting takes only 3-4 minutes per standard patient visit. Most therapists complete documentation in the car in between appointments. When they get home, they can focus on the things that matter most. 

Imagine Having a Physical Therapy Practice in the Palm of Your Hand

Luna’s tech-enabled approach to physical therapy helps you increase your earning potential and deliver more meaningful patient care. 

From intake and progress forms to exercises, protocols to physician dashboards, Luna provides therapists with one place to manage their entire workload. Using the Luna app, therapists can easily prescribe in-app exercises and update treatment plans between visits. 

Powerful features like integrated patient messaging, Luna Protocols, and Luna Exercises empower you to deliver better clinical outcomes. 

Ready for a new way to practice physical therapy? Are you a licensed PT with over three years of experience working with patients? We’d love to talk to you. Get in touch with the Luna team today, and let’s start a conversation!

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