How Luna Protocols is Standardizing Post-Surgical Care

By Luna
How Luna Protocols is Standardizing Post-Surgical Care

You’ve just performed surgery and are hopeful that your patient will make a full recovery, but it’s time to turn their care over to a physical therapist. Are you confident that they will follow your protocols? The rehabilitation experience should act as an extension of your practice, but that kind of compliance isn’t always easy to come by. 

Luna is committed to transforming the post-surgical care experience for patients and practitioners. With Luna Protocols, surgeons and orthopedic groups can ensure that patients are meeting their rehabilitation instructions, progress, and recovery timelines.

An innovative, tech-enabled approach to rehabilitation

Luna Protocols puts the power of standardized care in your hands. To make it happen, the Luna Clinical team works with surgeons and their teams to identify and set protocols, care pathways, and escalation triggers. 

Depending on the surgeon and the type of surgery performed, our technology automatically assigns specific protocols or care pathways to patients. Physical therapists have a seamless way to access this information and track progress in real-time with phase-specific escalation questions via the Luna app. All of this is shared with the surgeon’s team to ensure care navigation and the highest standards of care. 

“With Luna Protocols, I know that all of my patients are receiving the highest quality care and making meaningful progress toward their goals with the help of Luna’s team of exceptional therapists.” - Dr. Ian Barrett, Sports Surgery Specialist at Modern Orthopedics 

Luna Protocols helps you deliver the best clinical outcomes 

We understand that standardized care is a critical component of helping you achieve better clinical outcomes. That’s why all providers leveraging Luna’s on-demand PT delivery platform receive access to Luna Protocols. It’s an integrated part of our service that we’re happy to provide to you at no charge. 

The benefits of this innovation are many, but here are a few of the ways Luna Protocols can take your practice to the next level.

  • Standardization of Quality Care: Automated protocols and clinical escalations ensure patients are on track to complete their care and raise all standards of quality—better communication, easier scheduling, customization, and consistent patient expectations. 
  • Improved Productivity: Surgeons can stay focused on their work and eliminate administrative burdens and superfluous patient check-in visits. 
  • Easy Coordination: This technology-enabled approach to outpatient therapy compliance gives your team full visibility into something that’s been traditionally complex and inconsistent. 
  • More Control: Luna Protocols gives you a way to help more patients achieve full rehabilitation while reducing surgical complications and readmissions. 
  • Peace of Mind: Clear communication leads to more confidence and trust. The quality-focused partnership between therapists and your team will improve overall patient care and experience. 

With Luna Protocols, the standardization of quality, consistent patient care is made simple, helping surgeons and their teams deliver the best possible clinical outcomes. 

Ready to bring technology-enabled outpatient therapy to your patients? We’re helping leading orthopedic groups all over the country improve revenue for rehabilitation services by expanding access and reach, improving adherence, reducing costs, and standardizing quality. Learn more about Luna and how we can help you reimagine the physical therapy experience.