Luna Introduces “Rehab at Home” Turnkey Service for Health Systems and Ortho Groups

By Luna
Luna Introduces “Rehab at Home” Turnkey Service for Health Systems and Ortho Groups

If “Hospital at Home” is a term you’ve heard a lot of recently, you’re not alone. Over the last year, this type of service has exploded in popularity as hospitals turn towards at-home care delivery models. Now, Luna is helping health systems and orthopedic groups capitalize on an equally exciting, newly emerging opportunity—Rehab at Home

What is Rehab at Home

As a convenient alternative to clinic-based outpatient care, Rehab at Home brings outpatient physical therapy treatment to patients via home delivery. Luna’s turnkey service allows health systems to deliver safe, convenient, and high-quality outpatient care at home, all while improving profitability of its rehab service line. It’s a way for forward thinking health systems to deliver excellent patient experiences and outcomes at a lower cost.

How is Luna making Rehab at Home a reality for health systems? 

Luna offers a simple and powerful way for health systems and orthopedic groups to deliver on-demand physical therapy to patients at home. We’ve spent years perfecting this innovative model of care, via the Luna technology platform and network of exceptional therapists, and as the fastest-growing physical therapy service in the United States, we know what it takes to deliver PT on demand successfully.  

By partnering with Luna, health systems and orthopedic groups receive instant access to award-winning technology, processes, resources, and support. Luna offers a true turnkey service—giving our partners the power to expand their health system’s rehabilitation services without any heavy lifting or capital investment. Once you choose to work with Luna, this new service line is ready to launch within 60 days. 

“What happens after a surgery is often just as important as the surgery itself. With Luna, I know that all of my patients are receiving the highest quality care and making meaningful progress toward their goals with the help of Luna’s team of exceptional therapists.” - Dr. Ian Barrett, Sports Surgery Specialist at Modern Orthopedics

What comes with Luna’s turnkey physical therapy services?

Health systems and orthopedic groups who partner with Luna gain full access to Luna’s best-in-class technology platform that seamlessly matches patients with an exceptional physical therapist based on specialty, geography, and more. Patients receive 1:1 personalized care at the time and place of their choosing. Using the Luna platform, therapists can communicate with patients between appointments, prescribe in-app exercises, and track outcomes with the weekly dashboard. Luna’s turnkey service comes with a number of valuable features for patients, therapists, and the health systems:

  • Access to Luna’s large network of exceptional licensed physical therapists 
  • Matching, scheduling, and routing technology to mobilize the care 
  • Auto-Charting technology to save therapists time
  • Compliance and quality measures to ensure quality care
  • Access to all necessary equipment including mobile PT kits
  • White-glove Concierge service with 24/7 support
  • Convenient, award-winning mobile app

We are constantly looking for new ways to deliver additional value to our partners, including professionally branded marketing assets through our Partner Marketing and Enablement offerings. 

Who is successfully delivering on-demand, at-home PT care through Luna?  

Luna is partnering with some of the top health systems in the US to help them deliver on-demand physical therapy to patients. With recent collaborations with Emory Healthcare, Scripps Health, Rothman Orthopaedic Institute, Resurgens Orthopaedics, and Modern Orthopedics, Luna is enabling Rehab at Home across the country. With 87% of outpatient cases fully capable of shifting to an on-demand model, many health systems are eager to turn on this innovative line of service.

What are the benefits of offering Rehab at Home?

Health systems and orthopedic groups choosing to deliver Rehab at Home through Luna enjoy a number of exciting benefits:

  • Provides patients the option to receive treatment from the comfort of their homes
  • Eliminates outpatient rehab referral leakage
  • Enables stronger sign-up, adherence, and patient outcomes
  • Eliminates rehab backlogs and wait times
  • Reduces total cost of care for orthopedic surgeries
  • Increases patient satisfaction ratings 
  • Expands reach and access without the cost of more physical centers  

Are you ready to start offering Rehab at Home™ powered by Luna?

If you’re a health system or orthopedic group in a metropolitan area and are ready to turn on on-demand Rehab at Home services, contact our team today. By partnering with Luna, you’ll gain access to a trusted partner to help you step into the future of rehabilitation with confidence and ease.