10 Industry Firsts Brought to You By Luna

By Luna
10 Industry Firsts Brought to You By Luna

Innovation is in our DNA at Luna. We’re re-imagining physical therapy—and that’s not just something we say. We’re asking the right questions, listening with intention, and putting in the work to improve the entire physical therapy experience for patients, therapists, and the clinical teams supporting them. 

Did you know that Luna was the first physical therapy service to...

Deliver on-demand outpatient PT care nationally

Physical therapy is powerful, and too many people aren’t getting the care they need. Luna is proud to provide 125 million Americans (and counting!) with access to convenient, high-quality physical therapy care. As the fastest growing physical therapy clinic in the United States, Luna is the first company to deliver this innovative model of care nationally. 

Eliminate paperwork for PTs

To help therapists spend more time caring for patients and less time buried under paperwork, we created Luna Auto-Charting®. This industry-first is helping physical therapists create precise, actionable charts on their phones via voice dictation. On average, it’s saving therapists 15-20 minutes of documentation per patient visit.

Equip therapists with an effective mobile PT kit

Luna delivers physical therapy to patients’ front doors, and our mobile PT kits make that possible. In 90% of physical therapy cases, no heavy machines are required. Luna is the first to equip every physical therapist with a treatment table and mobile kit with all of the tools they need to help patients heal faster.  

Track and share pain feedback with PTs in real-time

From archaic paper printouts to generic exercise videos, traditional physical therapy isn’t helping patients adhere to their home exercises. We decided to change that. With Luna Exercises, therapists can prescribe and monitor custom exercise programs to help patients stay motivated in between visits. For the first time ever, PTs can proactively modify recovery plans based on real-time feedback from patients.

Integrate scheduling and outcomes with existing partner portals

Luna partners with health systems and existing PT clinics to help them deliver outpatient physical therapy services to patients. To make these partnerships as powerful and effective as possible, Luna’s APIs allow for seamless integration between our technology and our partners’ existing portals. 

Offer live Concierge chat support

Communication is the foundation of any great relationship—that’s why Luna makes it easy for patients and therapists to stay connected in real-time. We were the first to deliver instant support to physical therapy patients through live messaging, and enable patients and therapists to message one another as well. We believe Luna’s Concierge Service contributes to our 99.6% patient satisfaction rating. 

Transparently report on ongoing patient outcomes for physicians

Before Luna, physicians relied entirely on faxes and infrequent status updates to track progress after referring their patients to physical therapy. With the launch of the Physician Dashboard, Luna provided a powerful, new way for physicians to maintain consistent visibility into the health of their patients. 

Offer white label on-demand physical therapy services

Luna wants to help more patients receive exceptional physical therapy care when and where they need it. That’s why we partner with PT clinics and health systems to help them extend their networks and deliver on-demand physical therapy to existing patient communities. Here’s just one example of an existing physical therapy clinic that branded the Luna service to expand its geographic footprint and provide more value to its patients. 

Make self-serve benefits verification a reality

Too many people in pain put off the care they need due to coverage concerns and confusion. With real-time benefits verification, Luna made it possible for those considering on-demand physical therapy services to see their coverage in 30 seconds or less—no phone tag or hold time required!

Empower patients with therapist badging and reputation

Deciding on a PT can be a challenge. Luna makes it easy by matching patients with board-certified physical therapists specialized in their specific condition. We are the only physical therapy service to consistently collect patient feedback after every therapy session and make these scores visible to patients to establish safety and trust. The system works—95%+ of Luna patients stick with the same therapist throughout their entire course of care. 

It’s time to rethink the way patients receive physical therapy care, and Luna is committed to leading the charge—one innovation at a time. Learn more about Luna and how it works or book an on-demand physical therapy appointment today