Luna PT, Justin Kwai, Might be the Highest Paid PT in the Country

By Luna
Luna PT, Justin Kwai, Might be the Highest Paid PT in the Country

Justin Kwai is not your average physical therapist. If anything, he’s well above average. This hard-working, super-motivated professional is likely among the top earning PTs in the country. He’s currently making well over six figures, and that’s just in the PT work he does leveraging Luna. We highlighted Justin back in the fall of 2020 but chatted again recently to learn exactly how he’s been able to achieve so much success, especially with growing his salary to lofty heights. Here’s the scoop, along with his personal tips and tricks on how he’s achieved his professional and financial success. 

Why physical therapy? Efficiency, that’s why.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Justin, it’s that he’s incredibly efficient. He makes the most of every minute in his day. In fact, he chose to become a physical therapist not only due to the projected need for the profession (which continues to be high) but for two other reasons. One is that the education required to become a licensed PT takes less time than a medical degree - and you still get to care for patients in a similar way. The second is that the student loan burden is much less than that for a medical degree. Physical therapy was a highly efficient way for Justin to pursue his dream of helping people via medical care without the excessive time and expense required to become an MD. Efficiency was key. 

A typical (efficient) day in Justin’s world...

So, it’s no surprise that efficiency plays a vital role in Justin’s daily routine. After a morning cup of joe, he’s out the door by 6:30 AM. He’ll arrive at his first PT appointment no later than 7 AM. He’ll see more patients until lunchtime when he’ll grab a salad or a wrap and eat in his car. He then visits more patients through the afternoon and evening. On average, he handles between 10-11 patients a day and is delivering 52 sessions a week! While he’s driving from one appointment to the next, he’ll use Luna’s Auto-Charting to dictate his notes. And with the help of Luna’s Concierge team, he’s able to saturate, organize, and streamline his schedule so that he’ll have far less than a 30-minute drive time between appointments. That’s not an easy feat when you live in Los Angeles. Nonetheless, Justin is usually home around 8:30 PM every night. Because of Luna’s method of handling all the extraneous tasks for our therapists, he doesn’t have to take work home with him, so when he’s back home, he’s done for the day. He’ll typically cook himself a healthy dinner, relax, and rest up so that he can conquer another day. Luna also affords Justin the added flexibility to take days when he chooses NOT to be hyper-efficient. He chooses when he wants to efficiently work. 

So, does Justin have NO life?

Quite the contrary. Justin recently got engaged, and it’s a long-distance relationship. Since he and his fiancee can’t be together as often as they’d like, he keeps himself busy with running, kettlebell exercises on the beach, brunching with friends, and cooking. Of course, he stays occupied with a full schedule of PT appointments as well. He was swamped when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Many PT clinics had to shut down during that challenging time. Several patients and clinics sought care through Luna as an alternative. Justin was happy to help patients continue their PT without disruption in the safety and comfort of their homes.

Justin’s primary motivators are...

Granted, Justin’s biggest motivator right now is paying off a gorgeous engagement ring. But outside of that, he gets a big kick out of helping people return to normal, healthy function. He loves educating patients on how physical therapy can address a variety of medical issues. He also enjoys mentoring peers and helping them navigate the profession post-COVID. Of course, it’s no surprise that money for him is a big motivator as well. At this time in Justin's life, achieving his financial goal for the next stage of his life is a key motivation. CONGRATS Justin!

Exactly how much money does Justin make?

Justin had a well-established clientele before signing up with Luna a year ago.  With Luna, he’s averaging an annualized $215,000 per year, and that work now accounts for over half of his pay. That’s well above the typical $85,000-$90,000 paid in his market - about 2.5x more! He feels the compensation he makes on Luna is competitive and he’s able to exceed his earnings goal.  

Justin’s tips and tricks for increasing PT pay

Joining up with Luna has had a direct correlation for increasing Justin’s income. Luna’s Concierge team does a fantastic job of keeping his schedule completely saturated - which he loves. Top-notch referrals are another way he boosts his pay. In a clinic environment, patients rarely get much time to talk to their therapists. So he takes the time to answer all medical questions related to the diagnosis. That extra effort shows that he cares, and it definitely makes a great impression with his patients. Justin recommends following through with every patient to help them succeed. Providing compassionate, effective care equates to happy clients, which results in increased referrals. High-quality referrals are very effective for growing business...and pay. 

If you’re a physical therapist who’d like a nice income boost, we invite you to team up with Luna today. Much like Justin, you’ll be glad you did.

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