Get to Know the Team: Naseem Heydari

Meet Naseem: A member of our therapist acquisition team
By Luna
Get to Know the Team: Naseem Heydari

We have been making major strides in healthcare since we launched in 2018. After seeing such a positive change in patient outcomes, technology, and the growth we’ve experienced in such a short time, we had a lot to celebrate on our two year anniversary. So we thought it was about time we caught up with some of the team members who are making this possible.

We recently had a chance to check in with Naseem Heydari, a therapist network specialist. Naseem is very upbeat and passionate about her role on Luna’s team, bringing with her the excitement of learning something new every day.

Love at first referral

Naseem graduated from UC Davis with a degree in human development. After graduation, she had a goal to go to PA school,  but at the time she was in a good place to take a break from school and see where her bachelor’s degree would take her. Luna is fortunate that she did! Naseem fell into her previous position as a product and sales coordinator for Anatomage, a company that offers innovative products for the healthcare industry. She loved her job, but it didn’t quite give her the joy of helping others that she was drawn to. Toward the end of her time working there, the company began bringing in outside sales reps and Naseem was able to sit in on the interviews and got a taste of the recruiting process.

Naseem knew that she wanted to focus more on how she could use her career to help people. Around the same time that she set that goal for herself, her fiancé was working as a Luna physical therapist.  He introduced her to the possibility of working on the therapist acquisition team. She instantly fell in love with the Luna model because of the way it helps people who maybe can’t get to the clinic or don’t receive the one-on-one care they really need.

It’s been two years since Naseem decided to make the career change. Since joining the Luna team, she has helped people find their passion, connect physical therapists with the Luna network, and help patients get the care they need. 

Collaboration at its finest

Joining the Luna team was “like a breath of fresh air,” says Naseem. “Everyone on the team is always very fired up about the mission and goals for Luna and their patients.” The culture at Luna is what Naseem says she loves the most; she describes everyone as being very enthusiastic and collaborative. Every three weeks she participates in Tuesday meetings where they get caught up on the news from each department, which is great for getting feedback and hearing about the successes they are having in separate locations. In her experience, “it’s refreshing to be a part of a team where everyone is passionate about what they’re doing.”

Growing from the ground up

When Naseem first joined the team, Luna was new and only available in the Bay Area. She has been an integral part of our growing network of therapists and we are seeing the growth from the last two years magnified. Luna has now expanded into eight different markets with the help of Naseem and others on our therapist acquisitions team. The network is composed of quality therapists who all share the same passion, commitment, and mindset for providing the best care to see more positive patient outcomes.

Even now, after the impacts of Covid, Naseem shared that she is seeing a new dynamic in our growing network. More PTs are looking for ways to offer on-demand care. And we’re not surprised as this is the future of healthcare! People are even more cautious now and most PTs are looking for a supplemental and on-demand patient-care setting. It makes sense. Luna gives them the opportunity to go back to work in a safer environment.

Naseem is now able to connect others to their calling and is taking part in the huge impact that is being made to the healthcare industry. Since joining Luna, she has been able to share her passion for helping people and learning new things, and it's contagious! In fact, she has even taken on some new hobbies in her free time including making floral arrangements. Flowers tend to have a way of making us feel joy and after meeting Naseem, it's clear that she really loves making others happy and spreading her infectious optimism.

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