Luna’s Two-Year Celebration of Meaningful On-Demand PT

By Luna
Luna’s Two-Year Celebration of Meaningful On-Demand PT

We’re thrilled to announce that we recently passed Luna’s two year anniversary in providing patient care! We have hit some incredible milestones and growth in such a short time, offering patients better access to care and a more impactful physical therapy experience.

We are proud of our dedicated physical therapists, partners, and hard-working team for without whom Luna’s success would not be possible. We have worked to create a solution to deliver better care to our patients by combining technology and commitment to the communities we serve.

We have not only created a better patient experience with on-demand physical therapy but also provide therapists with more independence and flexibility outside of traditional clinic hours. With this, we have ultimately made great strides toward improving patient outcomes.

Here are some of the highlights we are celebrating as we hit our two-year mark:

Continued growth

In just two short years since starting patient care, we have seen Luna grow substantially. We have expanded to now serve several markets across the US in Arizona, California, Illinois, Michigan, and Washington state, and currently have several new states in development. Our team now supports over 700 licensed physical therapists who have completed more than 50,000 PT sessions in the past two years! Luna has been able to help thousands of patients recover and heal faster with more convenient and personalized one-on-one care.

That’s about 2.5 million minutes of patient care, and about 5 million minutes of avoided patient travel time to and from clinics!

Improved patient outcomes

By offering in-home physical therapy, we have seen a positive change in the outcomes of patients’ recovery. Traditionally 70% of physical therapy patients fail to adhere to their prescribed course of care, taking longer to recover and often feeling discouraged to continue their at-home exercise plan. With Luna now delivering on-demand physical therapy via in-person delivery, virtual televisits, and in-app exercises, we have seen a 50% higher adherence rate as opposed to clinic visits.

We have been able to provide an effective, safe, and convenient way for patients to heal properly, having the comfort and confidence to complete their treatment plan. Our patient care has led to better engagement, less pain, and faster recoveries.

New product launches to aid patients and therapists

Luna has been able to launch the transformative technology of Luna Exercises which allows Luna therapists to remotely prescribe exercises, track their patient’s progress and improvement, and monitor pain. The Luna App helps patients stay motivated and connected with their PT between sessions.

Our therapists even have access to time-saving features within the app such as Auto-Charting. This feature saves time by providing a way to create and document key patient details, cutting back on traditional paperwork. No therapist wants to be stuck in their office working all day on a stack of paperwork – this takes away quality time that could be better spent caring for patients.

Recently, we were also able to launch the Luna Physician Dashboard. This new feature offers better transparency and open communication with our patients’ physicians. They are able to easily track and see the progress of their patient after being referred to a Luna therapist. The dashboard offers regular updates and visibility to patient outcomes for a better understanding of the healing process and prescribed treatment plan.

"Powered by Luna"

Through our “Powered by Luna” program, we have partnered with physical therapy clinics, physician practices, and large health systems to provide a way to safely and easily treat their patients without the need for an in-clinic visit. In response to many clinic closures due to COVID-19, these partnerships allowed patients to continue to receive care comfortably and confidently in their home, gym, or office.

Luna has been paving the way, re-imagining physical therapy and how patients are receiving care. We aim to provide the best support to both our patients and our therapists so we can continue to deliver more meaningful care and faster recoveries.

We are so excited to be celebrating what two years of innovation has brought to our therapists and patients, and we are looking forward to another year of high-quality care and lasting health!