Happy Valentine’s Day from the Luna Family

A celebration of what our physical therapists love.
By Lily Beltran
Happy Valentine’s Day from the Luna Family

“True love is born from understanding.” - Buddha

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and we can’t help but get a little choked up over our admiration and appreciation for our therapists. We’ve talked to hundreds of physical therapists to learn more about their needs, aspirations, fears, and pain to reimagine the physical therapy experience. Now, we are lucky enough to be surrounded by a community of talented, passionate individuals who make up the Luna family.

It’s no secret that we love our therapists, and in honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating what they love based on a few of those candid conversations.

They Love Physical Therapy

“I love the idea of giving people the tools, skills, and care they need to live a happier, more independent life.” - Gillian Haskell, DPT, MPH

“Then, in the tenth grade I took a class about physiotherapy and thought to myself, “Wait, this is a real job? That’s awesome!” Becoming a physical therapist was the best decision I’ve ever made.” - Heather Black, MSPT, SCS, CSCS

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Luna PT family! #PTlove #physicaltherapy


They Love Their Patients

“Patients achieving their goals is really exciting for me. When we reach them, it’s a reason to celebrate. It’s really cool to see how far a lot of my patients come and see them get back to doing what they love.” - Mika Toribara,  DPT

I love having the ability to build lasting relationships with my patients and their families. It’s incredibly rewarding.” - Gillian Haskell, DPT, MPH

“I love helping my patients achieve their goal, especially when it’s something they never thought they’d be able to do.” - Heather Black, MSPT, SCS, CSCS

They Love Their Families

“A couple times my daughter has been sick and has had to stay home from daycare. With Luna, I have the flexibility of staying home and can easily reschedule my patients.” - Jennifer Cheung, DPT

“I love spending time with my family. I have three sons who are 12, 15, and 16 years old.” - Jenn Gutierrez, MSPT

“I work only when the kids are in school, which means I never miss a performance, and they’re on time for soccer practice!” - Jennifer Warner, PT, DPT

They Love Their Free Time

I love to hike, run, and exercise. I’m a very social person and enjoy being with friends and family as much as possible.” - Gillian Haskell, DPT, MPH

“I like to be outside. I do Ironmans, triathlons, long-distance hiking, backpacking—anything where I get to be outside and moving.” - Jenn Gutierrez, MSPT

“When I’m not treating patients, I’m playing in a handbell choir or taiko drumming.” - Mika Tobria, DPT

They Love Luna

“Luna gives me the opportunity to do exactly what I love while having all the difficult stuff taken care of.” - Nima Enayati.

“I love the variety in the patient caseload and being able to be outside rather than stuck inside a clinic all day. I like that I get to spend a full hour with each patient. I also love how easy and accessible Luna makes physical therapy for patients.” - Jenn Gutierrez, MSPT

“Luna has truly re-inspired my love for outpatient and orthopedic care. Working with Luna has stimulated my brain back to the outpatient setting that I loved doing in the past but simply haven’t had the opportunity to do in the last few years.” - Gillian Haskell, DPT, MPH

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