Health Services Take Note: Healthcare at Home Is the Next Big Thing

By Luna
Health Services Take Note: Healthcare at Home Is the Next Big Thing

When it comes to an innovative healthcare experience, best-in-class technology, top-notch therapists, and extraordinary customer experience matter. Discovering the benefits, many health service providers turn to innovative technologies that provide them with a competitive advantage in the industry.

There's no doubt, COVID-19 pushed the notion of at-home therapy into a "new normal" within the healthcare industry. Patients unable to leave their houses due to lockdowns and quarantines found newer (and better) ways to obtain medical advice and assistance. Many turned to tele-health. However, most discovered that therapies via in-person care at-home outperformed traditional methodologies – especially when it comes to physical therapy. What's more, typical service providers (like hospitals, doctors, and clinics) continue to find compelling advantages for teaming up with those who offer at-home care.

Ensuring patients have options, and get the care they need

With the pandemic, most people view any type of closed, indoor space as a health risk. It's especially true for those places that care for patients affected by COVID-19. It seems that everyone is avoiding hospitals, clinics, and doctor's offices. The result? Health service providers are losing patients, and worse yet, those patients aren't getting the care they need.

How care at home helps: By providing an alternative option for safe, in-person treatment at home, health systems retain their client base. Teaming up with on-demand “at-home” providers (like Luna) helps keep both patients and service providers happy, especially since patients receive top-notch care in the safe haven of their house. It's a simple solution where everyone wins. 

Innovation is key to patient retention and expansion

Think about Apple and Amazon. People admire and want to do business with those who offer innovative products and services. Doing things the "old way" is often slow, archaic, and frankly, uncool. People are disenchanted with traditional models of medicine. As with most things, everyone wants everything to be as easy and convenient as possible, including their healthcare.

Today, we all do most everything from home -- living, working, playing, and more. Thanks to innovative apps like Luna, excellent healthcare is easily obtained at home too. People want and admire modern health service providers who offer on-demand therapies on their home turf. Clinics benefit from expanding their service and coverage areas beyond their physical location. What’s more, 87% of all outpatient cases can easily be shifted to the on-demand model. And the best parts are that patients often have better outcomes than traditional in-clinic care due to increased adherence, and are happier with the results.

Even before the pandemic occurred, Luna's on-demand physical therapy model had already established itself as a best-in-class, home-based PT healthcare provider. How'd they become such a fierce leader in the industry so quickly? Three main reasons: 

  1. Exceptional customer service (obtaining a "world-class" Net Promoter Score of 86)
  2. Cost savings, not only for patients but for health service providers too
  3. Obsessive and highly successful execution in disrupting the traditional physical therapy model

When it comes to this "new normal" of remotely delivered care, our high-quality therapists and top-notch technology make Luna an easy choice for PT health service providers (and their patients.) Ready to team up and discover how Luna can help you? Learn more today.