“Powered by Luna” Helps PT Clinics Deliver On-Demand PT During COVID-19 Pandemic

By Luna
“Powered by Luna” Helps PT Clinics Deliver On-Demand PT During COVID-19 Pandemic

What is “Powered by Luna”?

“Powered by Luna” enables physical therapy clinics to offer on-demand PT and treat their patients in their homes. With COVID-19 forcing many PT clinics to suspend care across America, this enables clinics to keep treating patients and employing therapists.

Luna’s technology will match a clinic’s therapists with their patients, optimize driving routes, and enable the clinic to serve patients in the comfort of their home. And perhaps best of all, “Powered by Luna” is suited to clinics of all sizes - from a single location to the largest national chain with hundreds of sites.


What is on-demand physical therapy?

On-demand physical therapy is patient care on your patient’s schedule. This means your physical therapists are able to visit your patients at their home, gym, or office. It’s the most convenient and safest way patients can receive physical therapy.

On-demand physical therapy is not a virtual or telehealth service because we enable therapists to deliver care to the patient in-person without the walls of a clinic. That being said, our therapists are able to utilize televisits to check-in with patients when appropriate.

Why is “Powered by Luna” important right now?

For patients, avoiding public places, shopping centers, hospitals, and clinics is paramount to preventing the spread of COVID-19. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has forced the temporary closure of some physical therapy clinics, preventing patients from receiving the care they need.

On the flip side, if a therapist’s clinic had to close due to COVID-19, the therapist now has no way to treat their existing patients. 

This is why “Powered by Luna” is so important right now. Therapists can safely and conveniently treat their patients without needing the brick-and-mortar clinic to be open during this pandemic. And once we beat COVID-19, we’re willing to bet that on-demand physical therapy will be the new norm. Patients, more than ever, will want safe and convenient physical therapy in the comfort of their home, gym, or office.


What will clinics gain by utilizing “Powered by Luna”?

Here’s how PT clinics of all sizes can benefit from using “Powered by Luna”:

  • Recapture lost visits due to cancellations while offering safe and convenient care at patients’ homes, gyms, or offices.
  • Uncover new profit opportunities. For example, for every 5 therapists a clinic has, an extra $200,000 in value is created. For every 25 therapists, an extra $1,000,000.
  • See an increase of 10-15% total visit volume via on-demand.
  • No longer be limited to the square footage of a clinic.
  • See minimal to zero reduction of clinic visits.
  • Treat new patient populations, including those who never showed to the clinic, those who stopped going, post-surgical rehab patients that need immediate outpatient care but can’t get to the clinic, and more.
  • It differentiates your clinic from the competition!

Why do therapists love “Powered by Luna”?

  • If a therapist delivers 6 on-demand PT visits per week, they’ll earn more than $20,000 extra per year.
  • It minimizes disruption to staffing, coverage, and physician relations.
  • PPE (personal protection equipment) is included in the partnership, along with a mobile PT kit for every therapist.
  • Luna handles all the insurance billing, highly efficient charting (see how our standard visits are done in 3 minutes or less via Auto-Charting), compliance, scheduling, and more. 

What comes with “Powered by Luna”?

With “Powered by Luna”, Luna will:

  • Power all your on-demand visits for your patients and therapists.
  • Create branding that supports your brand and clinic name. See an example here.
  • Onboard, credential, and support your therapists onto the Luna platform.
  • Provide the Luna Mobile PT Kit to all your therapists.
  • Support your on-demand patient scheduling and billing.
  • Enable therapists to earn attractive per visit rates paid to them.
  • Enable clinic owners to earn attractive per visit rates paid to the clinic.

Which clinics are using “Powered by Luna”?


IRG Physical & Hand Therapy is the Pacific Northwest’s premier physical and hand therapy group and was founded by IRG President Shannon O’ Kelley, MPT in 1996.

With 35 clinic locations spread across Washington State and Idaho, IRG has the Pacific Northwest covered. But in the time of Lyft, Doordash, and other on-demand services, IRG saw an opportunity to deliver on-demand physical therapy -- and enable their PT services to expand outside of the walls of their clinics. IRG saw the future of physical therapy -- on-demand and in-clinic services -- and partnered with Luna in 2020 to produce even better outcomes for more patients.

“Partnering with Luna to bring IRG On-Demand to our patients is essential to staying true to our mission of helping patients become their best selves. We see immense value in being able to match our therapists with our patients and treat them in the comfort of their homes. Plus, we’re now able to better recapture lost visits due to cancellations and we opened up new revenue opportunities.”  - Shannon O’ Kelley, MPT, IRG President

Are you ready to have your own PT on-demand service powered by Luna?

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