Auto-Charting & Insta-Pay: A Match Made in PT Heaven

First there was peanut butter and jelly. Now there is Auto-Charting and Insta-Pay.
By Lily Beltran
Auto-Charting & Insta-Pay: A Match Made in PT Heaven

At Luna, we love pushing the boundaries and looking for new ways to make the physical therapy experience better for patients and therapists. As part of our continued innovation and disruption of the PT industry, we have an exciting announcement. We’re making it easier than ever for physical therapists to get paid

We recently eliminated PT paperwork for good with the release of Auto-ChartingTM.  Now, we’ve added an additional feature called Insta-Pay that allows our physical therapists to get paid—you guessed it—instantly.

Here’s how it works. As soon as a Luna PT finishes a session with a patient, they are prompted to receive a short phone call to a friendly automated service to document the session. Based on their voice input, Luna generates a digital patient chart for review. As soon as the PT approves the chart, they get paid for the visit. Cha-ching!

No Paperwork + Instant Payments = Happier Therapists

We’re committed to providing physical therapists with as much independence and control as possible. To deliver on this commitment and make our therapists’ lives easier, we’re constantly looking for ways to challenge the status quo. That’s what led us to this latest question—why should PTs have to wait two weeks to get paid? With powerful new technology on our side, we realized that the answer is that they shouldn’t have to.

“Whether you’re a full-time therapist or using Luna for supplemental income, getting paid promptly and as close to real-time as possible is very meaningful,” says Khahn Pham, Head of Therapist Network Development at Luna. “Most traditional clinics are making physical therapists submit their hours with cumbersome tools or track their time manually. We want to do things differently and make things easier for therapists to get paid. They deserve it.”

PTs love working with Luna because of the convenience that comes with being a part of such a tech-forward company. We handle all scheduling, billing, patient marketing, and so much more for our therapists. We believe that by eliminating barriers for PTs, we simultaneously eliminate barriers for patients looking to receive care. Giving our therapists access to instant payments and the freedom to never deal with the complexities of insurance reimbursements helps them stay focused on what matters most—delivering the best care possible to their patients.

Our hope is that giving PTs immediate access to the income that they’ve earned will make their lives easier. Insta-Pay will give our therapists more control over how they get paid and how they choose to make the most of that instant income. We are excited to see how our therapists respond to this newest innovation. 


Handling Paperwork

Getting Paid

Traditional Clinic

15-minute+ manual paperwork process

Submit hours manually and wait two weeks for a paycheck.

With Luna

3-5 minute voice-activated service that generates the chart for you.

Get paid instantly after each patient visit (as soon as the chart is signed)

At Luna, we are committed to making the physical therapist experience as enjoyable and seamless as possible to give our therapists the ultimate freedom and flexibility. They choose when they want to work, never waste time on manual documentation, and get paid in real-time. Are you ready to work when you want and get paid instantly with Insta-Pay? Apply to work with Luna.

Work When You Want & Get Paid Instantly
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