How Luna Improves the Performance of Value-Based Contracts for Health Systems

By Luna
How Luna Improves the Performance of Value-Based Contracts for Health Systems

Assuring the success of value-based, or at-risk, contracts is a top concern for health systems. Not achieving service quality benchmarks and utilization metrics can result in financial penalties or lost incentives. 

As a conservative, cost-effective intervention for musculoskeletal conditions, outpatient therapy through Luna can improve a health system’s performance of at-risk contracts. When health systems partner with Luna to deliver on-demand outpatient therapy to patients, care can be delivered more quickly, resolving patient conditions sooner and avoiding more costly interventions, such as radiology, injections, surgery and emergency room visits, can be avoided. 

Accessing faster, more convenient care

Patients often wait weeks to attend outpatient therapy, with the average wait times for a clinic visit is 21-25 days. With Luna, patients can see a Luna therapist within 48 hours. Appointments are available seven days a week, from 6:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. and therapy is provided conveniently in the patients’ in their home. Between appointments, therapists prescribe exercises and answer patient questions using the Luna app.

Improved access care, prevents the need for more costly interventions. With earlier care, patient conditions are resolved more quickly and ultimately cost less. Patients who use Luna are also more likely to complete their plan of care, which leads to cost reductions. Luna has a 50 percent higher adherence rate than in-clinic physical therapy, with 40 percent of Luna patients staying engaged for ten visits or more. 

According to a report from the CDC, more than 40 percent of Americans have delayed or avoided medical care due to COVID-19 concerns. Delaying-- or avoiding care altogether--results in worse outcomes for patients, as well as lost revenue for health systems. Delivering physical therapy directly to patients in their home can help alleviate safety concerns for the patient, keeping them on track with their physical therapy. 

Helping patients remain independent

Services from Luna help patients, especially the Medicare population to maintain their independence and stay active in their homes longer. These patients can avoid more expensive facility-based care and hospital readmissions. Home visits also allow the therapist to assess the home for fall risk and facilitate improved mobility in the home.  Managing fall risks for patients make them less likely to be admitted to the hospital for a broken hip or other fall-related injuries.

Within the Medicare population, 21% of beneficiaries reported that they needed health care unrelated to COVID-19, but have delayed the care due to the pandemic, according to a report from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. The most common reasons for foregoing care were the risks associated with visiting a healthcare facility and not wanting to leave the house. Luna can provide at-home outpatient therapy for Medicare patients, addressing their COVID-19 concerns, while allowing them to continue their treatment plans.

Monitoring ongoing patient progress

With Luna, health systems can easily monitor on-demand treatments with an outcome dashboard that offers visibility into care management with real-time data for the entire caseload. Luna’s Outcome Dashboard is sent to health system partners weekly and provides the patients’ progress and compliance. When issues arise, health care systems can make modifications to care before costs escalate. 

Want to find out more about how Luna services can help the performance of your health system’s at-risk contracts? Connect with Luna today by calling 833-444-LUNA or read more here about how we help visit our health systems.

Luna and Health Systems: Unlock the Potential of Rehabilitation Services with On-Demand Delivery

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For health systems, rehabilitation services such as physical and occupational therapies offer a golden opportunity to improve the quality of patient care, patient satisfaction, and outcomes, while driving revenue, reducing costs, increasing the patient’s engagement with the system, and expanding the system’s market reach. Yet for most, it’s a lost opportunity; the majority of outpatient therapy referrals go elsewhere for care or don’t go anywhere at all. A way to capture these benefits wasn’t easy or apparent – until Luna created a turn-key approach to on-demand rehabilitation.