Webinar Recap: How On-Demand Physical Therapy Outperforms the Clinic

Learn how on-demand physical therapy enables the best patient outcomes in the industry -- with the data to prove it.
By Luna
Webinar Recap: How On-Demand Physical Therapy Outperforms the Clinic

Did you happen to catch our webinar on how on-demand physical therapy outperforms the clinic? Conducted by Palak Shah, head of the Clinical Services team at Luna, the insights she shared were noteworthy. If you missed it or don't have time to watch the recorded video, that's ok. We've put together a recap that includes several facts and highlights. Let us know what you think and if you have any questions.

What is Luna?

Luna is a leader in on-demand physical therapy. It's a mobile application that delivers outpatient physical therapy at places outside the clinic. Examples are in the patient's home, at their work, or another location of their choosing. Luna makes it easy and convenient for patients to receive the top-notch care they need. 

Why do patients love Luna?

Luna has a 99.6% patient satisfaction rate. Patients love Luna because it's highly accessible, affordable, convenient, and our team of therapists delivers exceptional care. Here’s what we mean:

  • Accessible - Luna therapists can see patients within 48 hours from the time their doctor makes a referral. To compare, the average wait for a typical physical therapy clinic is 21 days. Also, Luna physical therapists visit with patients at their home, office, or via televisits. Plus, ongoing care is scheduled and reserved with a Luna therapist in advance to ensure consistent, uninterrupted care. At the typical clinic, care is usually scheduled based on therapist availability. 
  • Affordable - There are no surprise charges from Luna. Therapy is billed like an outpatient clinic. Patients love it because they receive an at-home, white-glove experience with a simple co-pay.
  • Convenient - Luna therapists are readily available. Luna is open 361 days a year, seven days a week, from 6:30am - 9:30pm. Every Luna patient receives 45-55 minutes of dedicated time with a highly-qualified therapist, ensuring proper care for effective healing.
  • Exceptional care from exceptional therapists - Luna's team has over 700 physical therapists on staff. Each is required to have at least three years of outpatient experience, however, the average for the team is 10.5 years. What's more, over 50% of Luna therapists are doctors (DPTs). 

Why do physicians love Luna?

There are over 1,500 doctors who refer their patients to Luna and that number continues to grow. Here's why:

  • Efficiency - Luna ensures that patients are seen sooner and that they receive the proper course of care. What's more, Luna's technology provides optimal matching of therapists to patients as well as efficient routing. 
  • Communication - Luna provides doctors with a routinely updated Physician Dashboard of patient progress and outcomes. It enables transparency and timely feedback, which streamlines the communication process and saves time.
  • Affordability - Luna is the most affordable option for at-home care. For example, physical therapy from Luna is nearly 70% less in cost for a joint-replacement surgery on a Medicare bundle. It amounts to $3,200 of savings.
  • Engagement - 40% of Luna patients stay engaged for ten or more visits, representing a 50% higher adherence rate than in-clinic physical therapy. Luna patients are more likely to complete their course of care. It helps that Luna PTs have the unique ability to look at a patient's home (their normal environment) and determine how to best utilize the space for therapeutic benefit. Plus, Luna in-app exercises offer an additional tool that remotely assists in delivering proper care.
  • Improved pain levels - 61% of patients show clinically important improvement in pain within ten visits from a Luna physical therapist. Conversely, there's only a 45% average pain reduction within the same number of visits at a PT clinic. (The industry average is 30%)
  • Improved function - 62% of patients show clinically important improvement in PSFS (Patient Specific Functional Scale) within ten visits from a Luna physical therapist. Conversely, there's only a 52% average functional improvement within the same number of visits at a PT clinic. (The industry average is 15%)

To give a more specific example of Luna's effectiveness, the below statistics show the positive impacts on lower back pain patients (a prevalent injury in the industry). 

Within five visits from a Luna PT:

  • 66% of patients show improvement in ODI (Oswestry) scores
  • 56% of patients show MCID change in pain scores
  • 36% of patients show MCID improvement in PSFS

A pandemic doesn't stop Luna from providing care

With the current pandemic, many PT clinics are closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Not so with Luna. Each therapist brings their own sanitized equipment to the patient's home, including hospital-grade infection control supplies. If need be, Luna's therapists can also conduct convenient televisits to ensure treatment strategies continue, all from a safe distance.

Intrigued? Feel free to watch the webinar in its entirety (it's only 29 minutes!) or take a peek at our physicians page for details. 


You can download the full Outcomes Report here.