Intermountain Healthcare Partnership with Luna: A Patient-First Mission

By Luna
Intermountain Healthcare Partnership with Luna: A Patient-First Mission

As Covid-19 evolved, the patients of Intermountain Healthcare wanted another option for receiving care. At-home care became an appealing option for both its convenience and comfort throughout the patient's recovery. Luna offered the perfect blend of exceptional technology, physical therapy expertise, and patient-first thinking to bridge the gap, providing their patients with an alternative solution to treatment in a clinic or hospital setting.

Intermountain Healthcare already had the resources to offer top-quality therapy services in the home and they embraced Luna’s existing outpatient, “rehab-at-home” model.

Continue reading to learn more about the top reasons Intermountain Healthcare decided to partner with Luna and why this unique partnership benefits both their practitioners and patients.


1. Shared Patient-First Values

Luna’s unique platform provides patients with a meaningful, innovative solution to receiving care. John Casey, VP of Strategy and Business Development at Intermountain Healthcare, shared with us that “from the very first conversation [with Luna], we realized that the partnership was going to be positioned for success. We shared a common set of values, in that we really put the patient at the center of everything we do.”

With this partnership, Intermountain Healthcare can appeal to a broader population and expand its coverage for treating outpatient cases in the home. According to Barb Jahn, COO, they found this to be positive for both their providers and patients for “the convenience of being at home, they don’t have to travel, and the timing is convenient for them. They don’t have to fit into a clinic’s schedule” to get the care they need.

2. Luna’s High Level of Expertise

The Luna platform made a simple way to bring all levels of expertise together. Intermountain Healthcare already had physical therapy services offered within their health system, whether it be in the clinic, hospital, or through home health. Their biggest challenge before partnering with Luna was bringing this all together in a way that expanded accessibility and ease for outpatient PT services.

“A large part of the reason we went with Luna was the expertise of the team that came to meet with us and guided us through the process. The level of professionalism and knowledge on their part has really been awesome.” — Barb Jahn, COO.

Luna’s team of subject matter experts impressed Intermountain Healthcare by truly understanding the challenges they were facing.

3. Easy Implementation of At-Home Therapy Services

Primarily, the partnership with Luna has worked so well because of the ease of creating, implementing, and scaling at-home physical therapy services for Intermountain Healthcare’s patients.

“The relationship with Luna checks so many boxes for us. Not only from our care-at-home strategy but also from our overarching strategy as an organization,” John Casey tells us. “Three of our objectives in our strategic plan are the caregiver and consumer experience, personal, accessible, and affordable care, and clinical models of the future.”

Luna strives to help health systems just like Intermountain Healthcare give patients more access to physical therapy care and give providers the tools they need to deliver the highest-quality care to their patients.

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