Go Behind-the-Scenes of the Luna LA Launch

Spoiler alert—it was tons of fun.
By Lily Beltran
Go Behind-the-Scenes of the Luna LA Launch

Luna is officially open for business in Los Angeles and today we’re taking you behind-the-scenes of the official LA launch. We spoke with Khanh Pham, Head of Therapist Network Development at Luna, along with a few of the newest members of the Luna family in LA to get the scoop on all the festivities. Spoiler alert—it was tons of fun and a huge success.

We are thrilled to report that the LA community welcomed Luna with open arms. Launch week was filled with genuine excitement, positive connections, and meaningful conversations. “The energy surrounding the launch was palpable,” says Khanh. “For months now, we’ve been talking to physical therapists in the LA area eager to work with Luna. Now, those very same PTs are serving up physical therapy on-demand in the LA community.”

“I think this is a great place for the Luna platform. The people in LA are very motivated to be active and well.” - Abbie B., PT, DPT, Luna LA Therapist

The majority of Luna’s operations and support teams traveled to LA for the official launch to host two Lunaverse Onboarding events—one in downtown LA and one in Pasadena. This moment has been months in the making, and it was exciting to finally meet the Luna LA therapists face-to-face. This was our opportunity to help them get acclimated with the Luna platform and prepare to start delivering care through Luna. It was also a chance for Luna’s LA therapists to meet and interact with one another.


If there’s one thing we’ve learned about LA, it’s that the food scene is incredible and the majority of residents are foodies. “We care deeply about creating an exceptional experience for therapists, so we did everything we could to sprinkle a little magic over their onboarding experience,” says Khanh. In this case, that meant embracing the local culture by serving up some of the city’s finest cuisines, like Porto—think life-changing potato balls and empanadas. This was the perfect way to serve up a sweet experience for the newest members of our team.

“Having a modern and tech-savvy way to deliver care in a way that maximizes the needs of both therapists and patients in LA is so ideal. Luna is such a great opportunity to do what I already do, but better. They make things more streamlined and accessible.” - Jenn M., PT, DPT, Luna LA Therapist


Before we left, we were sure to snag this photo of a few members of the Luna team. Khan explains why the quote seemed like a particularly fitting sentiment to cap off the LA launch. “We’re introducing a brand new concept to the LA market. For this to take off, our teams have to believe in it and stay committed to constantly learning from one another. We’re all in this together, and at the end of the day, we’re all hustling to make a change in healthcare.”

What’s next for Luna?

The excitement won’t stop after launch week. We’ll be checking in regularly with our LA team to ensure that we’re making their lives easier. Every market comes with new dimensions to consider, and we’re committed to providing physical therapists with the best possible experience. The insights we gain from the LA market will help us improve, continue to serve the Bay Area successfully, and gear up to launch in San Diego and Orange County. Stay tuned!

Luna is now booking PT patients in Los Angeles and the Bay Area. Schedule your first visit here. Or, if you’re interested in joining the Luna LA team, learn more about how we’re reimagining what it means to work and live as a physical therapist here.

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