Hello LA! Luna is Officially Here to Serve You

Now Serving Southern California
By Lily Beltran
Hello LA! Luna is Officially Here to Serve You

Exciting news for our friends in LA—Luna is now available to help you heal!

Luna is proud to announce that we are officially open for business in the LA area. #physicaltherapy #LA


What is Luna?

Luna is an on-demand, physical therapy service. We are reimagining the patient and physical therapist experience by providing state-of-the-art, on-demand care to patients in need. Our platform makes it easy to schedule an appointment, get matched with a high-quality therapist, and receive care in your home, gym, or office.

Why LA, You Ask?

After successfully serving the Bay Area since the Summer of 2018, Los Angeles is a natural next step for Luna. As one of the largest cities in the United States -- with over 4 million residents calling it home -- LA is a fantastic market to serve. From hiking Runyon Canyon to surfing at Zuma, we admire the fact that the people of LA are an active bunch. We’re here to help Angelinos recover, get well, and continue to live their life to the fullest. And with traffic being a major concern for LA residents, we are thrilled to offer a more convenient way to access quality care.

Here are just a few fun facts about LA that drew us to the city and the greater Los Angeles area:

  • With more than 4 million people living in LA, it’s the second most populated city in the US
  • The average temperature is 74°
  • LA is home to 14 accredited PT programs
  • More than 700,000 people work in health services
  • LA has over 4,000 physical therapists
  • It’s  the fastest growing city in the US for tech talent

“We’ve been well received by LA physical therapists,” says Luna Head of Therapist Network Development, Khanh Pham. “They love Luna because they’re excited to be part of something new; they’ve never seen anything like it.” Luna is in-network with major insurance providers such as Medicare, Blue Shield of California, Aetna, and more.

Whether you’re a patient looking to receive physical therapy treatment in your home, a physical therapist ready to own your career, or a physician looking for better physical therapy access and treatment for your patients, Luna is here in the City of Angels. Now that we’re open for business in LA, the question is what state is next?!