Get to Know Our Luna Therapist Couples: Meet Kelsey and Matt

See how one PT couple is living the LA lifestyle with Luna.
By Lily Beltran
Get to Know Our Luna Therapist Couples: Meet Kelsey and Matt

We love getting to know our therapists and learning more about how they’re using Luna to create a life they love. This week, we’re shining the light on one lovely Luna couple doing just that.

Kelsey and Matt are physical therapists who made the move from Philly to LA last summer. Eager to enjoy everything the LA lifestyle has to offer, this PT couple works with Luna to supplement their full-time income. Here are just a few of the highlights from that conversation.

Tell us about your story and your background as a couple.

We first started dating in PT school at Temple, which everyone tells you not to do because you see the same people in class every day. Luckily, everything turned out great. We stayed in Philly after school and both got jobs in outpatient orthopedic clinics. A year after we finished school, Matt proposed and the rest is history.

How did you make your way to LA?

Kelsey grew up in Santa Monica, and we always knew we’d eventually be back because her family is here. We moved to California last summer. It’s so different from Philly, but it’s nice because we get to experience new things together. The cost of living is not the same as Philly, so we were looking for ways to supplement our regular income and offset some of these new expenses. That’s when Luna landed in our laps.

What inspired you both to start working with Luna?

At first, it seemed too good to be true. We loved the idea of being able to choose our own hours, work with the outpatient population in their homes, and make some extra money. After reading through the Luna PT stories, we realized this was something we could do. The process has been smooth and everyone on the Luna team has been super upbeat and awesome.

What does a typical day-in-the-life look like for you two?

We both work at outpatient clinics, and our schedules are pretty opposite during the week. When I’m at the clinic, Matt’s working seeing Luna patients, and when Matt’s at the clinic, I’m seeing Luna patients. We also started picking up some hours with Luna on Saturday and Sunday mornings. I like knowing that I can wake up, see a patient, and get paid without having to do any charting. We’re very busy during the week, but we do our best to know where the other is at and really look forward to our time together on the weekends.

What do you two like to do together for fun?

We love finding new restaurants and breweries in LA—we’re big into craft beer. We also go on a lot of hikes. We like working out and just enjoying the city and the amazing weather.

Any advice for couples trying to find balance with work?

We use a shared Google Calendar to keep tabs on each other during the week. That’s been super helpful. I’d also say to try to keep PT as separate as you can. You need a break sometimes to just to be together. We love that we can pick our hours with Luna and prioritize each other when we need to. We’d also like to start a family someday and think Luna will be a great option for us at that time.

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