Luna Partnerships Expand Access to At-Home Physical Therapy for Workers’ Compensation Market

By Luna
Luna Partnerships Expand Access to At-Home Physical Therapy for Workers’ Compensation Market

When a worker is injured, it doesn’t simply impact his or her ability to do their job but has potentially devastating long-term implications in everyday life. The many different parties involved–from patient to employer, third-party administrator, provider, and care coordinator–have a common goal: Ensuring an optimal outcome for the patient so they can not only return to work but get back to doing what they love.

The workers’ compensation industry understands the importance of these various parties collaborating to achieve the best outcomes, and has embraced the concept of advocacy. Barriers to optimal care, however, often remain and can thwart the best-intentioned collaborative efforts. And, particularly in physical therapy, where people receive their care can be a big obstacle. Research has revealed that, for patients seeking in-network care, a primary driver is proximity to a clinic, with patients unwilling to travel more than a few miles to an affiliated clinic before seeking care elsewhere.

Luna recognizes that no two patients are alike, and while one may be willing to travel to a clinic for their physical therapy, another may prefer treatment at home. As we continue to expand access to timely, in-person physical therapy, and forge relationships with leaders in the digital musculoskeletal (MSK) care community, we recognize that it is crucial to ensure expeditious care for injured workers while supporting payers with in-network spending.

To that end, Luna has entered into numerous partnerships with organization looking to cement their at-home strategies, including Prime Health Services, Inc., One Call, Paradigm, Premier Comp Solutions, Physnet, and MTI.

By allowing these new partners to ‘bring the clinic to the patient,’ we’re not only improving access to convenient care options, but also increasing the likelihood that patients complete their care regimen. We’ve seen growing interest in enabling injured workers to receive outpatient physical therapy from the comfort of their own homes. So now, for those patients who cannot or prefer not to visit the hospital or brick-and-mortar clinics, there’s a safe, reliable, proven way to deliver care to them.

Luna will allow its new workers’ compensation market partners to match an injured worker with a specialized mobile physical therapist who will remain with them throughout the duration of their care. The therapist travels directly to the injured worker’s location (home, gym, office) with everything needed for personalized sessions–seven days a week.  

Healthcare is all about working together and finding like-minded partners to improve the delivery of care to patients. Since our founding, we’ve abided by this collaborative philosophy and sought opportunities that mesh well with our goals of rethinking the physical therapy market. Now, we’re bringing this approach to workers’ compensation–and we’re thrilled to have these new relationships with care partners who share that vision.

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve and adapt to consumerism, Luna will be on the frontlines to drive care innovation. We remain committed to ensuring that any injured worker–no matter their payer, employer, or location–has access to the high-quality care options they need to get back to work…and life.