5 Things PT Clinic Owners Don’t Want Their PTs to Know (#4 Will Shock You)

By Luna
5 Things PT Clinic Owners Don’t Want Their PTs to Know (#4 Will Shock You)

If you’re a physical therapist working in a traditional clinical role, there’s a good chance you’re feeling overworked, burnt out, disenchanted with your career, or on the verge of all three. Your boss wants you to think that this is just the way it is. But what if we told you there’s a better way to treat patients and own your career?

Here are five things all PTs deserve to know:

  1. You shouldn’t be spending hours a day on documentation

Traditional clinic-based EMR software is archaic, and it’s sucking the life out of PTs everywhere. If you’re like most physical therapists we talk to, you went to this field to help people and empower them to lead fuller lives, not to do paperwork. Luna’s Auto-Charting technology gives PTs a way to create patient charts via phone using voice-activated technology. It was designed for therapists by therapists who are passionate about giving PTs their time back to take better care of themselves and their patients. 

  1. You deserve quality time with each patient

If you’re spending your days rushing from one patient to the next with no true sense of your clinical impact, you’re probably missing out on the joy of this work. In a typical outpatient setting, many PTs see up to 16 patients per 8-hour workday, making it nearly impossible to deliver personalized quality care. Rather than rushing through appointments, Luna gives PTs 45-55 minutes of personalized, 1:1 time with each patient. You deserve it, your patients deserve it, and it is possible with a practice designed to better support you.  

  1. You can work when it works for you 

Whether you’re working long hours, weekends, taking work home with you, or can’t take time away from work, know that there are other options. The reality is, we all need flexibility at some point in our careers. Perhaps you’re a new parent in need of a more flexible schedule. Or maybe you are burnt out from working full-time clinical hours and need to mix things up. With Luna’s on-demand physical therapy, you can work the number of hours you want (from 5 to 25 visits a week), when you want, on your schedule. 

  1. You can earn a truly great living as a PT 

Most PTs get into this work because they love to help people, but the reality is we all have bills (and some significant student loans) to pay. Every PT deserves the earning potential to live their best life. Your clinic owner may be telling you that you’ve capped out, that things are tight and that a raise isn’t possible right now. But what if you could see six patients a day and increase your annual earnings? Shocking, right? Here’s the bottom line—if you commit to doing 30 visits a week with Luna, we can guarantee you a substantial six-figure income. (We break down the earning potential with Luna right here). In fact, one of the highest-paid PTs in the country calls Luna home.  

  1. You can become your own boss

Perhaps the biggest secret your clinic owner doesn’t want you to know? You can do what they do. With Luna, you can do it without any risk or overhead. Luna gives PTs the opportunity to create their own business and become autonomous entrepreneurs. You can gain the freedom and independence you crave while earning a great living. With Luna, you can have your cake and eat it too. Here’s the truth: you can have a physical therapy career that you love. Luna can help you make it happen. Want to learn more about the endless ways you can work with Luna? Reach out to our team today.