Luna Recognized on Forbes’ List of Best Startup Employers

By Luna
Luna Recognized on Forbes’ List of Best Startup Employers

We're proud to announce that Forbes has recognized Luna as the #111 Best Startup Employer in 2024. Furthermore, we ranked #10 in healthcare/life and wellness, and #1 in musculoskeletal (MSK) care! This ranking recognizes our commitment to helping physical therapists own their careers and shines a spotlight on how much we have grown in the last five years.

To create the America’s Best Startup Employers list, Forbes identified 3,000 privately-held companies headquartered in the U.S. that employ more than 50 people and were founded between 2014 and 2021. Employers were evaluated on three primary criteria: company reputation, employee satisfaction, and growth. They reviewed articles, blogs, and social media posts about each. Growth was assessed by examining the organizations’ website traffic, job openings, and headcounts over a two-year period.

By empowering our network of physical therapists — and their patients — with our groundbreaking platform, Luna is reimagining how we give and receive care, leading to faster recoveries and better health.

Luna is Empowering Physical Therapists with In-Home Care

Luna is a workplace to be admired! Our team of therapists, technology experts, and community-builders are passionate about our mission and believe in a better way to treat patients.

We understand the importance of bringing high-quality care to patients who need it, and we focus on giving PTs the resources they need so their patients get the most out of their treatments.

Here are a few reasons our PTs love Luna:

  • Patient matching is built around you. After selecting your schedule, you’ll be matched with patients based on your specialty, location, and availability, making each therapy session more meaningful and efficient.
  • Work one-on-one with engaged patients. Patients are often more engaged when given your undivided attention in their own homes, and you won’t feel the pressure of jumping between multiple patients in a single timeframe.
  • Complete practice in the palm of your hand. Luna empowers therapists by providing the tools to manage appointments, track patient progress, and access resources, all from a user-friendly app.
  • See the clinical impact. Witness firsthand the positive outcomes of your work, which contributes to a more rewarding professional experience.

With our in-home outpatient care model, we’re making a significant impact, prioritizing both the well-being of patients and the professional development of physical therapists.

Building Value and Embracing Growth

Luna is leading the charge in transforming healthcare by offering physical therapists a platform to own their careers with equitable compensation, flexible scheduling, less overhead and documentation, and greater autonomy. By working with Luna, physical therapists gain access to an innovative platform that prioritizes their professional and personal growth. 

Our recent recognition as one of the best startup employers serves as proof of Luna’s successful growth and the value it has built for clinicians and patients alike. It’s our goal to create a supportive environment where therapists can thrive, grow, and focus more on what they do best: delivering personalized, high-quality care.

Contact us to learn more about receiving exceptional care and/or joining our network of over 3,000 licensed outpatient therapists!