Luna’s “Exceptional” 2022 Medicare Achievement: Leading the Way in Outpatient Physical Therapy

By Palak Shah
Luna’s “Exceptional” 2022 Medicare Achievement: Leading the Way in Outpatient Physical Therapy

Healthcare is an industry marked by constant innovation, where the shared goal is enhancing patient outcomes and raising the bar for care quality. Luna is dedicated to home-delivered outpatient physical therapy, and consistently works towards this very objective. Our steadfast commitment to extraordinary care was recently recognized with an exceptional accolade, marking Luna as an emerging leader in the industry.

We were recently honored with the “Exceptional Performance Award” from the Medicare/CMS Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), a well-respected institution that acknowledges excellence in healthcare providers. Luna’s actual score for 2022 was 100/100 - a perfect score! This is the second consecutive year that we’ve received this recognition. This distinction is earned by consistent and exceptional performance across three critical vectors - outcomes data collection, pain improvement, and functional improvement, distinguishing Luna from other outpatient clinic providers in the industry.

A Recognition of Excellence

This award is an important milestone for Luna, signifying our unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality care. Our specialty in outpatient physical therapy, specifically for patients grappling with lower back, neck, and shoulder conditions, has set us on a path towards a new standard of care. The significant pain relief and functional improvements reported by our patients echo this sentiment.

The MIPS Exceptional Performance Award underlines Luna's persistent focus on quality and how Luna’s outcomes are establishing the highest industry benchmarks. It is a testament to our prioritization of patient outcomes and our success in maintaining stringent compliance standards. In particular, our consistent performance in data collection demonstrates a comprehensive infrastructure for accurate record-keeping, promoting smooth coordination among therapists, physicians, and patients.

Patient-Centric Care at the Forefront

At Luna, we pride ourselves on our unique home-delivery model for outpatient physical therapy. Our approach seeks to redefine traditional healthcare delivery systems, offering accessible, customized, and timely services right at patients' doorsteps. We aim to circumvent the logistical difficulties often associated with therapy services, ensuring care is personalized, convenient, and effective.

Our focus on patient-centered care is evident in our performance in pain improvement and functional improvement, two crucial measures of successful therapy. Luna's skilled team of therapists devise individualized treatment plans aimed at facilitating recovery, enhancing mobility, and improving life quality. Consistent positive outcomes across varied injury types further solidify Luna's position as an excellent provider of physical therapy services.

Trust and Collaboration

The Exceptional Performance Award is more than just an acknowledgment of Luna's accomplishments; it is a testament to the trust we have garnered from countless patients, therapists, physicians, and partners. We aim to foster an environment of reliability and transparency that resonates with everyone involved in the healthcare journey. Our collaborative ethos encourages open communication and shared decision-making, nurturing partnerships that lead to improved patient outcomes.

Physicians also rely on Luna for our commitment to high-quality care, accuracy in treatment, and regulatory adherence, making us a reliable choice for patient referrals.

Forward Together

Being recognized with the MIPS Exceptional Award for two consecutive years now marks another significant achievement for Luna, and we see it as an important stepping stone. As we venture ahead, we aspire to continue evolving in physical therapy, championing innovation, and discovering new avenues to elevate patient care. With our unwavering commitment to improving patient outcomes, Luna isn't just preparing for the future of healthcare - we're actively contributing to its formation.

In closing, Luna's achievement underlines our dedication to healthcare and a patient-centric approach. While we are grateful for the recognition, we remain more excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. Our mission has always been to help patients recover quickly and efficiently, and with this award, we feel more encouraged to continue working towards a healthier world.