Michigan Orthopedic Surgeons Partners with Luna to Enable PT at Home

By Luna
Michigan Orthopedic Surgeons Partners with Luna to Enable PT at Home

Luna recently partnered with Michigan Orthopedic Surgeons to bring outpatient physical therapy services to Detroit-area patients in the comfort of their homes. With 67 providers and nine clinic locations, Michigan Orthopedic Surgeons is the largest and most comprehensive orthopedic team in the state. Their commitment to next-level patient-centrism in medicine is unmatched, and we admire the way they leverage innovation to carry on their history of healing. 

What sparked the partnership? 

As experts in orthopedics, Michigan Orthopedic Surgeons offer a range of solutions to help patients find relief, including a surgery center that executes thousands of surgeries a year. Like many orthopedic practices in today’s climate, Michigan Orthopedic Surgeons were facing a number of challenges that needed to be addressed to achieve their goals. 

Here are a few reasons their team was seeking an on-demand physical therapy partner: 

  • The MOS leadership team recognized the need to expand patient access and provide care to those who aren't willing or able to travel to their clinics for physical therapy. 
  • Post Covid, their team realized that more patients were demanding post-operative care options at home.
  • The MOS team wanted to provide patients with convenient and safe care, in the comfort of their home.

To reach their goals, Michigan Orthopedic Surgeons needed a way to expand access and provide more convenient options for care delivery, while maintaining the exceptional quality of care their patients had come to count on. 

Luna was up for the challenge. 

Luna partnered with Michigan Orthopedic Surgeons to provide access to a broad network of local physical therapists powered by a best-in-class technology platform. With Luna, Michigan Orthopedic Solutions can provide at-home physical therapy on-demand across their community via “Michigan Ortho PT at Home.” 

Luna makes it easy to seamlessly match patients to a physical therapist based on specialty, geography, schedules, and more. Therapists visit patients at the time of their choosing from the comfort of their homes. Between visits, patients and therapists communicate through the platform to schedule appointments, perform therapist-prescribed exercises, and track recovery progress. 

Luna’s innovative technology empowers the MOS team to provide standardized care and deliver the best clinical outcomes. With Luna Protocols, physical therapists have easy access to surgeon instruction with phase-specific escalation questions and triggers. The MOS team has full visibility into whether patients are meeting their rehabilitation instructions, progress, and recovery timelines. They rest easy knowing that their patients are receiving the highest quality of care and making meaningful progress towards their rehabilitation goals. 

The partnership between Michigan Orthopedic Surgeons and Luna is providing a safe and convenient alternative for patients seeking care. Now, the MOS team can expand coverage beyond the four walls of their nine facilities without needing to add more physical locations. 

We are honored to be a part of Michigan Orthopedic Surgeons’ march toward next-level patient-centrism. If you’d like  to learn more about partnering with Luna, get in touch with our team today. We’d love to start a conversation about how Luna can help you meet your goals via on-demand outpatient physical therapy.