"We Wouldn't Have Been Able to Provide Them Rehab Without Luna"

Dr. Scott Boden (VP of Bus. Innovation, Emory Healthcare) on partnering with Luna.
By Luna
"We Wouldn't Have Been Able to Provide Them Rehab Without Luna"

We recently sat down with Dr. Scott D Boden, M.D. to discuss how Emory's partnership with Luna helped Emory Healthcare expand their clinical reach and reduce patient leakage while ensuring that patients receive convenient and high-quality care. You can listen to the interview below: 

"We saw an opportunity with Luna to really add to the spectrum of offerings for outpatient rehabilitation that we could provide for our patients. While we have a number of physical therapy offices that are near our regional offices for our musculoskeletal practice, we have a lot of patients that come to us from a distance that's not as practical to travel for frequent rehabilitation. For those patients, being able to offer them an at-home opportunity was a way to have continuity of care and keep more patients in the system."

"There are a lot of patients that we wouldn't have been enough to provide our rehab to, that are now participating in the on-demand and at-home physical therapy. The response that we've gotten has been positive in terms of the therapists and convenience, and the patients have appreciated it. It's very simple, it's very intuitive, it's straightforward, and I think it provides for a good patient-provider experience."

"If you're looking for an at-home, on-demand physical therapy service, I can't think of anything that Luna leaves that you wouldn't want as a partner in that space."

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To learn more about this partnership and how Luna is helping Emory Healthcare deliver exceptionally convenient, high-quality physical therapy to patients, read the full press release here.

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