RaeAnn Grossman, Chief Growth Officer: Expanding Access and Building Strategic Relationships at Luna

By Luna
RaeAnn Grossman, Chief Growth Officer: Expanding Access and Building Strategic Relationships at Luna

RaeAnn Grossman, the newly appointed Chief Growth Officer at Luna, is a seasoned executive with a remarkable track record spanning three decades, bringing deep industry knowledge and strategic acumen to the position.

Continue reading for our interview with RaeAnn to gain insight into how Luna benefits from her leadership and will continue driving strategic growth and fostering invaluable partnerships:

Tell us about your professional journey before joining Luna as Chief Growth Officer.

I've been in the industry for about 30 years. I started my career on the health plan side, I’ve worked on the provider side, and I’ve even had the opportunity to build and sell for companies in the healthcare tech-enabled space.

Did any of your experiences impact the healthcare approach?

Yes – one of the companies I worked for, Signify, put 500,000 doctor visits into the community every year. So, as physicians were placed in the home, it really changed how we thought about care and created a cohesive experience for the patient. That gave us extraordinary clinical insight into their needs and fundamentally transformed our understanding of care delivery.

How does this experience align with your role at Luna?

With Luna, we have that same opportunity: understanding how to help the patient get the best care - in their home - which is super convenient and therefore accessible. They won’t be non-adherent to their care plan, so it creates better outcomes.

I’ve always tried to make life easier in the healthcare arena and then really innovate. Luna is the ultimate innovator, with extraordinary tech, logistics, and care modeling that’s all within an easy to use app for both the physical therapist and the patient.

What about Luna resonated with you and drew you to this position?

In the industry, there are a lot of startups and ideas. Luna has very successfully moved beyond ideation with an innovative model to real execution. They have a proven, secure, and scalable model that offers a high-quality solution for the patient, therapist, and partnering health systems. Its very impressive that our model and approach has attracted over 3,000 physical therapists to our platform, particularly when so many others are dealing with labor shortages and turnover.

As Chief Growth Officer, what are your primary goals for Luna?

Ultimately caring for double the amount of patients year over year. So, if we serve 30,000 patients in 2023 with a multitude of visits, we would aim to grow that to 60,000 patients in 2024. The goal is to grow and expand our relationships and increase the volume of the patients that we can access and serve. 

My team collaborates with health systems, health plans, and strategic partners to build a community extension –where they need a physical therapist to strengthen the patient, relieve their pain, or get them to the next level of wellness within their home.

Luna has already seen substantial growth since the platform launched. How do you see the company evolving in the next few years?

We started in only one market, and today, we are in 50+ markets across 27 states. New market launches are an important path of growth, as is getting deeper into the markets that we currently serve to improve accessibility to the population within those markets.

We will grow in the depth of our market saturation and depth of relationships with the health plans –adding new markets and lines of business, reaching new states, and walking towards value-based care offerings.

With a strong emphasis on patient-centered care, how do you contribute to maintaining this focus in your role?

As Chief Growth Officer, I get to design products with a multidisciplinary team within Luna and offer it to the marketplace to make sure that higher-need populations actually get what they’ve been asking for from a physical therapy company. We use acquired data to create a more full-sum product experience. We continue to be patient-centric and participate in building that value by creating a high-quality product for health plans and health systems, but also something that is customizable for certain populations that are really in need.

Luna aims to improve access to physical therapy services. Could you share your thoughts on how Luna addresses the challenge of accessibility in healthcare?

With Luna, when we get a referral, we can get them scheduled and seen within two days, as opposed to an outpatient center, which can be backlogged for up to six weeks. So access and availability go hand-in-hand, and that’s what we’ve created – a very robust capacity plan so we can see what the community needs and then recruit and train therapists to address that need quickly.

The other part of access is that many patients don’t want to get in the car and drive when they’re not feeling well. We’ve noted through research that 76% of the patients who actually get a referral to an outpatient center don’t go because it’s inconvenient. So, by pushing care into the home, we’ve eliminated that barrier.

What aspects of Luna’s company culture do you find most inspiring?

It’s so collaborative and casually brilliant. Everyone is extraordinary at their job, committed, and passionate. They are intellectually curious, so we always walk out of a meeting with the best idea. It’s a very high-energy, purpose-driven organization that’s really changing the lives of the patient by continuing to engage and motivate them to their own wellness.

As Luna continues its mission to redefine physical therapy and the patient journey, our team promises a future filled with strategic growth and transformative partnerships, ultimately promoting improved access to better, patient-centered care.

If you’re a health system or health plan interested in learning more about reducing referral leakage, optimizing value-based care, and improving patient outcomes, contact us to partner with Luna.