The 4 Secrets to Living to 100: Findings from Blue Zones

By Luna
The 4 Secrets to Living to 100: Findings from Blue Zones

We are often trying to find that perfect balance between work, health, and happiness that all make life worthwhile. But what if we were able to unlock the secrets of longevity, living to 100…

We can’t help but wonder: is living in a Blue Zone the ticket to a longer life? Or, is it possible to extend that longevity wherever we are? Not surprisingly, people living in the Blue Zones live not only longer lives but also healthier ones.

Keep reading to find out what you can do to pursue the centenarian lifestyle.

What are Blue Zones?

The Blue Zones are geographic areas scattered around the world where people seem to age gracefully and live longer than average — often up to 100. These zones include:


But what about these places seems to breathe life into their residents?

There aren’t any mysterious genes that grant longevity, but rather, a distinctive lifestyle that contributes to their long, healthy lives.

Reasons So Many Centenarians Thrive There

The combination of regular physical activity, proper nutrition, purposeful living, and strong social ties give a distinctive edge in living to 100.

Here’s a closer look at the reasons so many centenarians thrive in the Blue Zones:

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Pro tip: Work with a physical therapist to encourage simple activities that keep you physically active. Physical therapy is a great way to add movement to your day in a way that fits with your daily routine. It helps with reducing chronic pain and preventing falls — which are too often responsible for serious injuries and the loss of mobility and independence as we age.

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The people living in these places show a deep commitment to their health and overall well-being through these lifestyle choices. Their approach combines positivity and action that encourage a happy and healthy life.

Physical Therapy is Your Window Into Healthier Habits

A combination of healthy lifestyle choices, modern healthcare, and activities that keep you moving can lead to a long and fulfilling life, no matter where you live. If you don’t know where to start or how to make these simple, yet impactful changes to your lifestyle, get in touch with a Luna Physical Therapist.

Physical therapy is your window into healthier habits and a century of living well. Making simple changes like getting regular exercise and spending time outdoors will do wonders and add years to your life.

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