Thumbs Up or Down: How Luna Tracks Quality of Care

By Luna
Thumbs Up or Down: How Luna Tracks Quality of Care

At Luna, we’re helping patients heal faster by bringing high-quality care right to their door. We work hard to deliver an exceptional on-demand physical therapy service to our patients with high-quality, convenient care and award-winning technology. What’s the secret behind our success? Listening.

The best brands in the world prioritize customer satisfaction to build stronger relationships with the people who matter most—their customers. At Luna, we do the same for our patients. Here’s how we’re using tech as a tool to monitor feedback from our patients and continuously improve their experience.  

How Luna tracks patient feedback

After every therapy session, Luna gives patients the opportunity to share their experiences through the app. Patients have the option to choose between a thumbs up or thumbs down. They can also leave more detailed feedback in the text box. 

This feedback is shared with our clinical teams and technology/product teams who take action where needed. This helps Luna build stronger relationships with patients and empowers our therapists to provide better outcomes. We are constantly looking for ways to utilize our patients’ valuable feedback to improve the physical therapy experience. 

How happy are Luna patients?

Currently, Luna holds a 99.6% patient satisfaction rating. We also recently received a world-class NPS rating, with the vast large majority of patients being extremely likely to recommend Luna’s services to a friend or colleague. We consider that a tremendous win!

What’s behind the thumbs up?

Why are Luna patients so happy? They’re getting convenient, high-quality care and seeing results! On average, Luna patients experience a 45% reduction in pain within ten visits, compared to an industry benchmark of 30%. They’re also experiencing an average of 52% functional movement improvement within ten visits, compared to an industry benchmark of 15%. That means our community of exceptional PTs are delivering on their promise of helping patients recover quickly and conveniently.

Perhaps most telling is the fact that 95%+ of Luna patients stay with the same therapist throughout their entire course of care. In an industry where 70% of patients fail to complete their entire course of care, that kind of consistency and commitment can go a long way. 

Why patient experience matters to us

The better our service, the better we can carry out our mission to reimagine the physical therapy experience. Patients who feel heard are more likely to stay engaged with their sessions and committed to their healing. We want to empower every patient to get better faster, and that starts with making sure they’re matched with the perfect physical therapist and happy with their experience.

We truly care about the quality of our service. That’s why we take the time to gather feedback from our patients and act accordingly. Ready to experience Luna for yourself? We are serving patients all over the US. Schedule your PT session today