Just for Luna Therapists: Introducing Luna's Digital Toolbox

By Luna
Just for Luna Therapists: Introducing Luna's Digital Toolbox

At Luna, we continuously redefine and improve every aspect of the physical therapy experience - including providing our community of exceptional PTs with easy-to-use digital tools that help promote their practice, build their brand, and attract new clients.

Here's a fascinating fact -- we now have over 1,000 physical therapists on our Luna team. And as we continue to expand throughout the U.S., that number is multiplying. It's not a shocker considering Luna gives therapists tons of autonomy, flexibility, and tools they need for their practice to thrive. Some of the more unique offerings include exclusive Concierge support, and  the ability to ditch time-consuming paperwork through Auto-Charting®. The latest value-added resource, called Luna's Digital Toolbox, is a time-saving marketing tool that helps PTs promote their practices.

As Luna continues to reimagine the physical therapy experience through technology, it's now harnessing that power to help PTs with their online presence. Luna's Digital Toolbox offers various streamlined ways for PTs to grow their practice, build their brand, and attract new patients. We know that physical therapists don't have the time to create compelling content for their social media channels. That's why Luna's marketing team did it for them. Here’s what's included in the new digital toolbox for our PTs:

  1. Ideas on how to promote your practice, spread awareness, and increase engagement.
  2. Tips for identifying and reaching out to new target audiences.
  3. Content for customizable email templates, including one for contacting physicians.
  4. Easily customizable social media post content for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  5. Professionally-designed, sized, and branded images, including over 60 Facebook posts, Instagram posts, and Instagram stories!
  6. Three short videos that use customer testimonials to highlight the convenience of home visits, COVID safety, and therapist skills.

The Digital Toolbox makes it very easy for our Luna therapists to create personalized social media posts or outreach emails. They simply download the content they want to use, customize the pre-made template with their name and contact information, then post away. When it comes to marketing any business, we know that word of mouth goes a long way, and we're happily providing our PTs with the social proof that facilitates and reinforces that.

We want our team of PTs to be the best they can be. Offering this helpful digital toolbox is another way that Luna provides its PTs with the gift of time. And it's a resource that simplifies and streamlines content creation, giving therapists even more reasons to love Luna's platform.

We're working hard to redefine what it means to both live and work as a physical therapist...and striving to help make the profession better than ever. If you're curious to learn more about joining our growing network of therapists, get in touch today. Whether you're looking for a full schedule or want to supplement your clinic hours, Luna has an option that works perfectly for you.