How Luna PTs Grow Their Practices

By Luna
How Luna PTs Grow Their Practices

Luna therapists, we listened to you... you asked for tools from Luna to help you build your practice, so we’re stepping up to help. Throughout the rest of the year, we’ll be mailing ‘Grow Your Practice’ kits which will help you to kickstart your independent practice within your community! 

Tools in the Grow Your Practice Kit

  • Energy bar - Let’s stay fueled and ready to treat patients.
  • Luna water bottle - Hydration is key when it comes to growth.
  • Luna Postcards - Hand these out in your local community and be sure to write your name on the back! Share at the coffee shop, church, gym, along with family and friends.
  • Try it once! Did you know that therapists that obtain a first referral go on to secure a second referral 83% of the time?

How to Spread Awareness

Reach out to friends, family, and past patients:

  • How are you? I’m reaching out to let you know I am now offering convenient and safe PT via in-person delivery through Luna. If you don’t need PT now, do you know anyone who does?

Promote on social media:

  • Are you looking for physical therapy? I can deliver PT to your home for a 1:1 session! Call 833-444-LUNA and request “<<name>>” to start on your road to recovery now.

And don't forget to connect with physicians in your area... it could be worth a reach out to see if any of their patients need PT. 

Why Luna?

Physical therapists love Luna because it gives them the chance to own their career. As a Luna PT, you’ll:

  • Work when you want. You set your own schedule, and Luna handles the booking, billing, and patient marketing.
  • Treat engaged patients. This is not traditional home health. You get to work with patients who are motivated, ambulatory, and who have outpatient needs.
  • See the clinical impact. You spend 45-55 minutes of each appointment with your patient, and see them for their entire course of care.

What’s more, Luna works with major insurance providers.

Whether you’re a patient looking to receive physical therapy treatment in your home, a physical therapist ready to own your career, or a physician looking for better physical therapy access and treatment for your patients, Luna is here to help you and your patients.

Become a Luna therapist today.
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