Transform Your Life With a Better Work-Life Balance: Real Experiences from a Luna PT

By Luna
Transform Your Life With a Better Work-Life Balance: Real Experiences from a Luna PT

There are only 24 hours in a day, and no matter how you carve out your time, that will never change. A good work-life balance may be hard to obtain when you spend your day focusing on patient visits, reading charts, and mounds of paperwork —leading to longer work days and shorter evenings.

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with one of our Luna therapists, Justin Kwai, to learn about his experiences and get some invaluable insight into how Luna is helping reshape the work-life balance for PTs.


Time is a Physical Therapist’s Biggest Adversary

A lack of good time management can hinder you from focusing fully on your patients. Justin Kwai shared that with Luna, “you can provide higher-quality care. The patient gets your undivided attention because you’re with them one-on-one.” Tedious tasks are a nightmare —insurance claims, progress reports, and patient documentation fill up a large portion of time better spent helping your patients.

Luna gives a new meaning to work-life balance. We’re redefining and reimagining the way physical therapists work. With more flexibility and autonomy, Luna equips PTs with the tools they need to truly enjoy every aspect of their calling.

“You may find that at this point in your career, you’d like to balance your work-life a little better by choosing your own schedule, working between certain hours, or pursuing other career opportunities,” said Justin. “But [the flexibility with Luna] also goes the opposite way, which is what I do. If you have other needs in your life that you need to supplement your income with and want to work more, then you can.” 

The Flexibility of Luna Allows You to Maximize Your Schedule

Luna is a feature-packed, tech-forward company that provides a better way for patients to get well and for therapists to see significant clinical impact. Justin shares that “documentation is a very frequent limitation in medical healthcare. Providers feel they spend too much time doing documentation, although it is necessary for the patient, protecting your own license, and demonstrating medical necessity.” Luna provides ways to make this easier than ever, allowing PTs to achieve their ideal work-life goals.

Maximize your schedule within the Luna app with:

  • Intuitive patient and therapist matching to maximize your schedule. The Luna App provides simple patient matching for your expertise. You’ll connect with patients in your area who will benefit most from your care and be able to fill your schedule with as much or as little work as you want. Set your availability and preferred location to optimize your schedule. 
  • Hands-free note dictation. With powerful tools like Auto-Charting, you’ll have less documentation taking non-billable time out of your day. Hands-free dictation provides more charting accuracy, automated evaluation questions, a seamless workflow, and saves 15-20 minutes of extra time per patient visit.
  • Access to a complete practice in the palm of your hand. You’ll have full access to monitor your patient’s progress and track your earnings while the app removes the hassle of billing and logistics. This seamless experience gives you the independence to work for yourself without the overhead and risks associated with a private practice.

“The process [for note dictation] is so streamlined that it can consolidate your working hours and provide concentration on what you do best, which is clinical care and patient care.” — Justin Kwai, PT DPT

Luna empowers you to focus on what you do best, allowing you to take care of yourself while supporting your patients — during and in between sessions.

Building a Healthy Work-Life Balance With Luna

The physical therapy profession is a giving one. When you have a drive and passion for helping your patients, their needs often come first, above your own. Often this leads to the dreaded burnout and even affects PTs who love their job.

Luna empowers you to “still do what you love in terms of helping people… and have the flexibility to accomplish other things in your life as well.” — Justin Kwai, PT DPT

The best action you can take to free yourself from burnout is by building your career around healthy habits and making time for your home life. It’s important — for both you and your patients — to find the middle ground rather than powering through a busy week.

Regain control of your career! Create a healthy work-life balance by becoming a Luna Therapist, and start providing your patients with top-quality, one-on-one care.

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