Your Guide to Recovering From an Ankle Sprain

By Luna
Your Guide to Recovering From an Ankle Sprain

Sometimes all it takes to sprain your ankle is a small trip on an uneven surface or landing wrong after pivoting your feet. The motion causes your foot to twist or roll at an angle that is unnatural, uncomfortable, and beyond your ankle’s normal range.

Ankle sprains are common injuries. Around 25,000 Americans experience an ankle sprain daily. People who play sports are also at a higher risk of these sprains, as athletic activity is a major contributor. Of all the sports-related injuries in the United States, 16%-40% are ankle sprains.

What is an Ankle Sprain?

A sprain is the result of the ligaments in your ankle being overstretched or torn. Shooting pain, swelling, and tenderness accompanying a sprained ankle can keep you off your feet from several days to several weeks depending on the severity.

It may not come as a surprise that many people don’t seek medical help for ankle sprains, often overlooking them as minor injuries or simply a nuisance.  If left untreated, your ankle may not heal properly. You could lose range of motion and stability, putting yourself at a higher risk of future injury.

Types of Ankle Sprains

Your doctor will do a physical exam to determine the severity of the sprain and how it has affected your ankle and surrounding ligaments. From there, they will recommend a treatment plan to heal your sprain and reduce any associated pain. Physical therapy can help to manage the pain from a sprain and properly heal your injury.

The following are three common types of sprains:

  • Mild sprains - the ligament is overstretched, but not majorly torn.
  • Moderate sprains - the ligament is partially torn and may cause bruising and more swelling.
  • Severe sprains - the ligament is torn completely or even separates from the bone and movement of the joint causes severe pain.

Moderate and severe strains are at risk of more permanent damage to your range of motion if not treated properly. Immediate treatment is key to starting the healing process.

As You Start Your Recovery

If your sprain is affecting your physical ability, it’s important that you seek medical help to restore the strength and flexibility in your ankle as it heals. Luna PT gives a whole new meaning to high-quality, hands-on care and takes the strain out of healing your sprained ankle.

Luna’s physical therapists focus on rebuilding the stability in your ankle and regaining your range of motion. You will have one-on-one, personalized treatment with a licensed PT in your area, all from the comfort of your home. With in-home physical therapy, Luna delivers a therapist directly to your door on your schedule. It’s safe, convenient, and easier than ever to get the care you need to heal your ankle and prevent future injury.

Get back to the activities you love with faster healing and meaningful relief. Learn more about Luna or give us a call today to get started.